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The Lion's Tail: The Lion’s Tail is a rather shabby-looking quarterstaff with a jagged bulbous tip that resembles flame or its namesake. It appears dry and frail, ready to break at any moment, but is not rough to the touch. The priests of an ancient regional god of fire made this weapon, one mostly associated with fire’s cleansing and renewal abilities. When worshippers of another pantheon colonized the region, the church it was home to was looted and burned.

The Lion’s Tail was hauled off along with other “junk” from the temple. It was used for firewood by a page, who quickly noticed that it not only appeared proof against fire but also wouldn’t break in his hands. He kept the staff for himself and soon gave up the life of a page, turning to other interests for a while. The page didn’t learn about the staff’s abilities himself until, in an eager nod to his volunteering youth, he joined a popular vigilante movement with his best friend. The movement worked on a bring-your-own bashing implement basis, and the Lion’s Tail was all he had. His disappointment faded when the staff proved to strike true and explode with flame.

Despite the abilities of his weapon, the page died in a fight stacked heavily against him. The friend who had convinced him to participate in the group recovered the staff and soon quit. Feelings of personal responsibility and grief led him to become part of the local priesthood. After several calm months, a spell mishap caused a large portion of the local cemetery’s residents to rise from their graves. The priest-in-training rose to the task, hoping the flames of the staff would keep him alive, and found that the weapon had other abilities against undead. Since that time, the staff has been stolen, and its current whereabouts are unknown.

The Lion’s Tail is a +2 disruption flaming quarterstaff.

Caster Level: 14th, Prerequisites: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, heal, flame blade/flame strike/fireball; Market Price: 50,300 gp; Cost to Create: 25,300 gp + 2,000 XP.

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