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Linked Resistance [Special]

[[3e Summary::When touching your familiar you can benefit from its Spell Resistance (SR).]]
Prerequisite: Familiar with SR
Benefit: As a standard action when touching your familiar you can share in your familiar's SR until your next action.
Normal: SR cannot normally be shared between creatures.

Notes: At the sole discretion of your DM, this feat may be extended for use with a special mount, special companion, fiendish servant or even to a psicrystal that grants Power Resistance.

Author: Eric D. Harry © Eric D. Harry 2001   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
NBoF Balance Rating (0 to 5 Scale)
Overall Purp Pow Port Comp Rule
4.26 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.33 4.00

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