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Lightning Rod (3.5e Equipment)

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Lightning Rod[edit]

Description: A Lightning Rod is a metal rod about 12 inches long with a metal ball at the end and a switch at the other end. It occasionally gives a static shock to those who touch it, it also feels slightly warm. The switch when triggered sends a small lightning bolt out the top.

Use as Weapon: A Lightning Rod can be shot at someone requiring a Ranged Touch Attack, a +2 Attack Bonus if the target is wearing a lot of metal (e.x. wearing Full plate or Half plate Armor). The bolt deals 1d6 Electricity Damage and requires a DC 15 Fortitude Save or be Dazzled (-1 to Attack rolls) for 1 minute. After it has been used, the Lightning Rod is useless unless recharged.

Other: A Lightning Rod costs 50gp and takes a Craft (Alchemy) DC of 25. A Lightning Rod may be recharged and cuts the cost in half and reduces the DC by 5.

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