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Creating a < LightStriker >[edit]

<! LightStriker is an inherited template, however, if a LightStriker has divine rank of 5 or higher and has rank 5 halo(Below) then they may choose up to 10 humanoids that become LightStrikers. >

Size and Type[edit]

<! The LightStriker does not change size, but it's base attack bonus and saving throws all get boosted by 5. >

Hit Dice[edit]

<! increase any racial die size by 2, and any class die by 3, the maximum for racial being d12, and any class die is max 10 (Unless class HD is already 12. >


<! The creature's speed triples, and it gains a fly speed equal to that speed. >

Armor Class[edit]

<! Gain +8 nat. armor >


<! The creature gains one additional retracting arm on it's back. DC 25 search check reveals it. >

Full Attack[edit]

<! The creature gains a tail that does 1d6 damage, along with, unless you already have this, a bite attack of 1d6, upon which it increases the die size by one. >

Special Attacks[edit]

<! the creature gains special abilities as follows: Blind 1/day per 5 levels plus one at level 1: Blinds all enemies (Or allies) in a 90 ft radius around the LightStriker. Light surf 4/day: the LightStriker is able to ride the light, succeeding on a DC 15 ride check. Bolt From The Heavens 1/day: the LightStriker may call a bolt from the heavens to strike an enemy. If the foe is 12 or more levels lower than the LightStriker, it instantly dies. Otherwise, it halves the foes HP. >

Special Qualities[edit]

<Every time the LightStriker does a good deed, the Halo gets bigger. Once a LightStriker has done 5 good deeds that he got no reward for and took at least 2 days to do, he gains rank in halo. At fifth rank the halo grants double your current natural armor, doubles all the stat and skill bonuses.>


<! +6 to Str, +10 to Dex, +6 to Con, +4 to Int, +4 to Wis, +14 to Cha. >


<The LightStriker gains a plus 4 luck bonus to all skills.>


<! the LightStriker gains one epic feat of your choice. >


<! LightStrikers live everywhere. >


<! These creatures first originated when a deity gave his power to some humanoids. >

Challenge Rating[edit]

<! Gains a +15 to CR. >


<! 10,000 GP,Vorpal Bastard Sword, 100 shuriken, anything else is by DM's choice. >


<! Any non-evil. >


<! not really any advancement...>

Level Adjustment[edit]

<! +20 >

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