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This supplement details settlements in Lerune.

The City of Redglade[edit]

Redglade is a town of knowledge and magic. The greatest magic users of Ferrum are trained at the renowned Boemere Academy. People come from great distances to visit the library. One of Ferrum's most ancient cities, legends say that Redglade was the site of a great battle during the Dragon War.

Population: 9004 (equal mix of Human, Tiefling, Dragonborn, and Elf. Small % of Dwarves, Halflings, and Half-Elves; no Eladrin)

Alignment: Unaligned

Patron Deity: Ioun

Lord: The Countess Jade (Human)

Lord Mayor: Adzin (Dragonborn)

Captain of the Guard: Bragg (Human), Guard compliment: 450

Taverns: The Silver Arrow, Rotting Goblin, Black Apple, Chicken & Hooch, The Frolicking House of Fish

Temples: Ioun, Raven Queen, Erathis, Corellon, Kord

Stores: The Hard-axe, General Store, Hera's Magic Emporium

Places of Interest: The Boemere Academy, Library, Guardtower, Barracks

West Crook[edit]

West Crook is a small port city of trade located at the intersection of two major rivers. It has the unique design of a natural elven city being incorporated into the natural environment. Most of the city is located in the treetops using wooden bridges and lifts to get around. It features the Skullsplitter school for the more advanced training of adventurers. Most popular however is probably the Auction House which features exotic items from around the world.

Population: 7354 (equal mix of Human, Tiefling, Dragonborn, Elf, Dwarf. Small % of Halflings, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs; no Eladrin)

Alignment: Good

Patron Deity: Avandra

Mayor: Drell Octern (Elf)

Captain of the Guard: Phen Skullsplitter (Dwarf), Guard compliment: 300

Taverns: Fortune's Lodge, Benign Hero, Jagged Maiden, The Red & Green Archer

Temples: Avandra, Pelor, Corellon, Moradin, Melora

Stores: The Platinum Sword, Blackened Iron, The Adamantine Hammer, Last Creation(magic), The Crusty Implement (general)

Places of Interest: Public Forge, Auction House, Trade Guild, Skullsplitter School of Sword and Sorcery, The Docks


Othdoxi is the capital of the Kingdom of the Forgotten Sun. A theocracy of Pelor, Othdoxi boasts the largest temple to any deity on the material plane. Othdoxi is also headquarters to the Holy Army of the Sun. Very often the army is called upon to aid those in need.

Population: 15,026 (equal mix of Human, Dragonborn. Small % of Elves, Half-Elves, Eladrin, Dwarves, Halflings)

Alignment: Good

Patron Deity: Pelor

High Priest: Kalos (Dragonborn)

Captain of the Guard: Minerva (Eladrin), Guard compliment: 950

Taverns: The Black Hero Tavern, The Sun's Bounty, The Falling Seagull Restaurant

Stores: Through the Fire and Flames, The Golden Sun Magic Emporium.

Temple: The High Temple of Pelor

Places of Interest: Othdoxi Keep, High Temple, The Great Library, Headquarters of the Holy Army of the Sun


Menara is a small village that borders Morrowood.It is home to many young elves that are in the midst of beginning to explore the world outside the woods. Menara specializes in producing a rare type of elven wine. The other purpose of the village is to provide magical instruction to aspiring wizards especially elven youths. Nearby bands of roaming goblins provide plenty of opportunities to practice the arcane arts.

Population: 15,026 458 (large % of elves, small% of half-elves,eladrin,humans,dwarves)

Alignment: Unaligned

Patron Deity: Corellon

Patriarch: Adharma Starcross (Elf)

Captain of the Guard: Darla Dufel (Human), Guard Compliment: 15

Taverns: The Duchess, The Wizard's House of Stew

Stores: Dragonstorm's Arms and Armor, Duchess General Store, Livery, Ogatti's Magic Shop

Temples: Corellon, Moradin

Places of Interest: Ogatti's School for the Arcane Arts, Vineyard


Vahn'del is a town set up to celebrate the freedom of choice. A group of half-elves, tired of being expected to fit into one society or the other got together and took their destiny in their own hands to build this new place where they could live as individuals, not members of 2 races. The idea attracted many other people and luck has seemed to favor this town. Several gem mines have been set up in the area, so Vahn'del is the source of some of the area's finest jewels and jewelry. The House of Luck attracts people from far and wide to try and win at such games as Three Dragon Ante. Held annually, the Three Dragon Ante tournament attracts visitors from far and wide.

Population: 3302 (large % of half-elves, mid % of elves and dwarves, small% of halflings and humans)

Alignment: Good

Patron Deity: Avandra

Mayor: Brenda Greenflower (Half-elf)

Captain of the Guard: Goren Mountainboot(Dwarf), Guard Compliment: 250

Taverns: The Musty Dwarf, The Flying Elf, The Handsome Swordsman

Stores: Entita's Stuff, Kragstein Arms, The Lovely Lily (Magic Shop), Muggik Mudhammer's Precious Stone Emporium

Temples: Avandra, Corellon, Moradin

Places of Interest: The House of Luck (gambling), Gem Refinery

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