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Greater Deity
Symbol: Godforged Ashbringer
Home Plane: Enlightium
Alignment: Lawfull Good
Portfolio: Holiness, The Light, Retribution
Clergy Alignments: Any non-Evil
Domains: Good, Light
Favored Weapon: Godforged Ashbringer
Level 80 Blood Elf Paladin with Heroic Sanctified Lightsworn Battlegear
General Picture of Legolad without Godforged Ashbringer (yes, it is a blood elf paladin from WoW, i couldn't create another epic looking elf Paladin)

God of the Light, all things Holy, and Blessed Two-Handed Swords

Encouraged followers-Holy Paladins, any Good Clerics/Heirophants, Paladins of Freedom (respectivly)
NOT Permitable to be a follower-any Evil Character

Temple of the Light[edit]

The temple that Legolad Worshiped before, and where his followers continue to worship the Light, and now him.

{{3.5e <Greater Deity}}

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