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Legendstone is an extremely rare material that is never found occurring naturally in the prime material plane. It can only be found in extra planar dimensions unless brought to the material plane. It is believed that Legendstone is made by the gods to forge their personal weapons and armor, however it can be manufactured in the material plane by dissolving gold, platinum, quicksilver, adamantide, runite, diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz, amethyst, heartstone, serpantine and obsidian with a philosopher's stone in equal proportion then blessing the fluid and placing several powerful enchantments on it and dripping dragon's blood into it. As the blood is added the liquid hardens into a translucent black solid in which flickering green and blue light can be seen. In this form the Legendstone is nearly impossible to work or forge with and can be quite dangerous to work with. Any smith that attempts to forge Legendstone must heat it to 100 times the melting point of steel, at which point it can only be worked with a magical malice. During this process loads of magical energy can erupt causing explosions or bursts of energy that can be lethal to inexperienced smiths. Legendstone is very magically powerful and can be embedded into items giving them extraordinary power or, less commonly, items may be made from Legendstone which have legendary power and are sought after by all who know of them.


Crafting Legendstone is both dangerous and difficult. Crafting any item with legendstone can only be done with magical equipment and the difficulty class of a craft check increases by 10 when attempting to use the craft skill. If a craft attempt fails using legendstone a random bad effect will happen: 1-36% (the stone releases explosive magical power that deals 6d6 damage to everything within 20 feet) 37-52% (the stone emits a pulse of radiation that deals 2d6 Con damage to any creature within 30 feet and spoils any consumables, Fort save DC 20 for half. Con regenerates 1 point per day) 53-66% (Cold energies burst out in an area of 5 foot radius around the stone that lingers for 8 hours and deals 2d6 cold damage to anything that enters the area) 67-78% (the stone billows out flame dealing 2d6 fire damage to the smith) 79-100% (the stone sparks wildly but causes no damage).

Legendstone Items[edit]

Any weapon with Legendstone embedded within it grants the weapon a +3 enchantment bonus and adds 1d10 damage of a random type to each attack. Any weapon made entirely of legendstone has a +5 enchantment bonus and adds three random types of damage that each deal an additional 1d6 damage. Any armor with legendstone embedded in it grants the armor and its wearer elemental resistance 5 against 3 random elements and spell resistance 5. Any armor made entirely of legendstone is granted +7 AC and bestows the wearer with elemental resistance 10 against all elements and spell resistance 10 as well as regeneration 5.

Legendstone has a value of 50,000 gold per pound. Any item made of legendstone is worth 1000 times its standard value.

Legendstone has 35 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 25 and gets a +8 saving throw against magical damage.

Table: Legendstone Energy Types

Energy Type d100
Fire 1-6%
Cold 7-12%
Electricity 13-19%
Necrotic 20-26%
Acid 27-32%
Darkness 33-37%
Light 38-42%
Entropy 43-47%
Evil 48-51%
Good 52-56%
Holy 57-60%
Unholy 61-64%
Sonic 65-71%
Explosive 72-77%
Life 78-82%
Radiation 83-87%
Water 88-93%
Force 94-100%

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