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This sourcebook catalogues 5th edition D&D material on D&D Wiki that has been converted from older editions of D&D.

It does not include things that have already been described in official 5th edition publications.


Dragon Magazine[edit]

Fiend Folio[edit]

Monster Manual II[edit]

Unearthed Arcana[edit]

White Dwarf[edit]

3rd Edition[edit]

Complete Adventurer[edit]

Complete Arcane[edit]

Complete Divine[edit]

Complete Warrior[edit]

Deities and Demigods[edit]

Dragon Magazine[edit]

Dungeon Master's Guide[edit]

Epic Level Handbook[edit]

Expanded Psionics Handbook[edit]

Miniatures Handbook[edit]

Monster Manual[edit]

Planar Handbook[edit]

Player's Handbook[edit]

Player's Handbook II[edit]

Spell Compendium[edit]

Unearthed Arcana[edit]

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