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Leech [Power]

The character can transfer the life force of others with touch.
Prerequisite: Con 15+, Power (healing or regeneration) 6 ranks, Evolved
Benefit: As a special use of the Power (healing or regeneration) skill you manipulate the life essence of others and your own. Whenever you touch another there is a 50% chance that you drain 1d4 per 2 character levels of hit points from that person and the other 50% chance is that the effect will be reversed and you will lose 1d4 hit points per 2 character levels. All hit points gained in this way are considered temporary hit points, which last for 1 minute after, that can go above the targets total hit points.

The character can control the effect with a DC 25 Healing or Regeneration check. This allows you to not drain hit points or bestow them.

Having this feat give you a bonus +10 to any Healing or Regeneration checks made for purposes other than controlling the effect above.

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