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Leaf Toe[edit]

Stats Chart[edit]

NPC Stats
Stat Score Bonus From Score
Strength 12 (24) Nil (+6 to hit, +12 to damage)
Intelligence 19 95% chance to learn new spells
Wisdom 17 +3 to save
Dexterity 19 -4 to AC
Constitution 18 +4 HP
Charisma 18 +45% chance to Reaction Roll

Where He Can Be Found[edit]


  • Will always try a few spells before attacking with a sword. If there is a big group of enemies, he will go invisible, and sneak behind them, and attack with a sword, after using a illusion of something the enemies fear.


Classes and Levels[edit]

Leaf Toe's Equipment[edit]



  • 20 crossbow bolts
  • Wire x3
  • Wire Holder x3
  • Rations, 2 week
  • Map Supplies
  • Darts x4
  • Lock picks
  • Crossbow
  • I.D. For Leaf Toe and Klack
  • 2 bags with pebbles of Continual Darkness and Continual Light.
  • Poison x2 (ingested) labeled Gnome Spices
  • Fake Gold x2
  • Loaded Dice
  • Minor Bag of Items (Backpack)
  • GOLD: 116,433 at Lion Castle (200 gold in gems on him at a time.)

Thieving Abilities Chart[edit]

Leaf Toe's Thieving Abilities
Ability Percentage Chance
Pick Pockets 105
Open Locks 97
Find / Remove Traps 90
Move Silently 103
Hide in Shadows 87
Hear Noise 45
Climb Walls 84
Read Languages 55


Illusionist Spells[edit]

1st Level[edit]

Audible Glamour, Dancing Lights, Detect Illusion, Gaze Reflection, Phantasmal Force, Phantom Armor, Color Spray X, Change Self, Chromatic Orb XXXX, Hypnotism

2nd Level[edit]

Deafness, Fog Cloud, Hypnotic Pattern, Magic Mouth, Mirror Image, Misdirection, Alter Self X, Invisibility, Ventriloquism, Detect Magic X, Blindness, Improved Phantasmal Force XX, Blur, Fascinate

3rd Level[edit]

Continual Darkness, Continual Light, Dispel Illusion, Delude, Fear, Hallucinatory Terrain, Illusionary Script, Invisibility 10' radius, Non Detection X, Rope Trick X, Spectral Force, Suggestion, Phantom Steed, Phantom Wind, Wraith Form, Paralyzation X

4th Level[edit]

Solid Fog, Phantasmal Killer X, Dispel Exhaustion, Emotion, Improved Invisibility X, Shadow Monsters X, Massmorph, Confusion

5th Level[edit]

Chaos, Demi-Shadow Monsters, Major Creation, Maze, Projected Image, Shadow Door, Shadow Magic, Summon Shadow, Advanced Illusion, Dream X, Tempus Fugit X


  • From a Deck of Many Things, avoid Death ONCE (1 Free Life).
  • +3 to save vs spells and poison.
  • Giant sized foes are at -4 to hit Leaf Toe.
  • Potions made by Leaf Toe last 20% longer.
  • -1 to saves.
  • +1 to hit rolls.
  • +1 to damage rolls.
  • Immune to 1st level Illusion spells.


  • Uses his Lion Castle as an Illusionary School, in order to teach people the ways of being an Illusionist. (Illusionists are starting to become extinct).
  • Has the Eternal Enmity of Set.
  • His patron deity is Tholth.
  • Has struck a blow at Set.
  • Has drunk from the magical fountain.
  • Has eaten a fruit from the Magical Fruit Trees.
  • Participated in the Assassination of Kali on a different world.
  • Assisted in destroying 4 Hell-mouths.
  • Owner of Lion Castle.
  • Has a Bodyguard named Davlamin Chorster, who is a Yeti.

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