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Members of the ancient race of chronological refugees occasionally take companions for solace, hope, or any number of other motivations, aided by their illusions, compulsions, and insufferable brooding. Those descended from such unions are statuesque and appealing, although those that can dream will never know a good night's sleep in their lives.

Bloodline Traits
Trait Gained
Minor Intermediate Major
1st Initiative +2
2nd Initiative +2 Combat Expertise
3rd Intelligence +1
4th Initiative +2 Combat Expertise Movement +10'
5th Affinity +2
6th Intelligence +1 DR 2/Cold Iron
7th Perception +2
8th Combat Expertise Movement +10' Improved Initiative
9th Dexterity +1
10th Affinity +2 Superior Two-Weapon Fighting
11th Affinity +4
12th Intelligence +1 DR 2/Cold Iron DR 5/Cold Iron
13th Diplomacy +2
14th Perception +2 Immune to Poison and Disease
15th Charisma +1
16th Movement +10' Improved Initiative Blind Fight
17th Affinity +6
18th Dexterity +1 DR 10/Cold Iron
19th Stealth +2
20th Affinity +2 Superior Two-Weapon Fighting Fast Healing: 5

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