Laws and Honor Codes (Temple Supplement)

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Travelers should be aware of the laws of the land they are in at all times.

Laws of all Town's and City's in Temple[edit]

  1. No random fighting in the streets (fist fighting, duels).
  2. Curfew is at 10:30 pm.
  3. When in an Inn, no bar fights.
  4. When the alarm is raised, go immediately to your home, or the nearest Inn, whichever is closer.
  5. When a guard asks you to come to him/her, you better do as you are told.
  6. You must answer any questions the Guards ask you truthfully. If you are found lying, you will be taken into custody and will be privately interrogated.
  7. Leave the Town, or City at your own risk. Who knows what could be lurking outside the walls, in Temple.

Commiting Crimes[edit]

Crime and Punishment Table[edit]

This is a table that shows some of the Horrible crimes that can be committed, and there punishment. This table applys to all Towns and Cities in and around Temple.

Crime and Punishment Table
Crime Punishment
Murder Death Penalty
Attempted Murder Long Imprisonment
Attacking a Guard Long Imprisonment (Death Penalty if Guard was killed)
Theft  Repay & Variable Imprisonment
Kidnapping  Long Imprisonment (Death Penalty if Rape too)
Mugging  Repay and Long Imprisonment
Breaking and Entering (Trespassing)  Few days Imprisonment
Rape Death Penalty
Raping a Young Child Death Penalty
Kidnapping a Child Death Penalty
Killing a Child Death Penalty

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