Laws and Honor Codes (Sons of Anarchy Supplement)

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I don't care who we have to smoke or grease, I want those Guns.
Clarence "Clay" Morrow, President - Redwood Original
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The bleak society in the Sons of Anarchy setting, as well as the centric culture of the outlaw fringe, provides a very chaotic-lending view of the world. Though individuals may not obey to written laws of man, most usually follow some sort of self-made moral code.


The town of Charming has a police force, albeit a farce of one as the Captain is in the Sons pockets. The town exists under the written laws of man, with extremely dictated legalities. Some of the most minor things could be offensive, though they may not be enforced.

Sons of Anarchy M/C[edit]

  1. Do not kill women or children
  2. Do not kill for pleasure
  3. Do not steal from those with little

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