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Laser Blade turns this longsword into a blade of energy.

Laser Blade[edit]

A laser blade weapon has no blade until activated, its damaging end formed out of light and resembling a lightsaber. Its damage changes to typeless. When making a called shot, on a natural 20 you may sever the struck body part. While this mimics Vorpal, one must make the called shots to its head or neck to apply. Like vorpal, creatures immune to critical hits are not killed by the loss of a head, though a loss of an arm or leg may apply appropriate penalties. The laser part of the weapon is retracted when not in use, only leaving a handle. It can only be applied to piercing or slashing weapons.

In effect, it is a lightsaber.

Strong transmutation; CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, shrink item, disintegrate; Price +6 bonus.

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