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Lesser Deity
Symbol: A Beige dragon laughing
Home Plane: Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Jokes, Merry Making, Agreements
Clergy Alignments: NG, LN, N, CN, NE
Domains: Strength, Magic, Healing
Favored Weapon: None
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More information...

Lartuen is a Colossal Beige Dragon who loves to Make sure agreements are held. He somtimes called the "Negotiatore of the Gods".


He is true Neutral, so his Followers tend to do the neutral thing, while he does incourage the protection of art and agreements.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His Temples are usually Places where offical Truces and Agreements are made, And his clergy include Many Monks, Bards, And Even Fighters.

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