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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: puppet
Home Plane: Tarteriaan depths of carceri
Alignment: Ne
Portfolio: Manipulation
Clergy Alignments: LE, NE, or CE
Domains: evil, trickery, manipulation
Favored Weapon: dagger
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Larkoush is the god of manipulation. as such, he is often worshipped by politicans, lawyers, and other corrupt souls. but ultimately, the worship of him is worthless. all you get is to become a puppet of him, to further his goals and get nothing back. only the truly powerful may get any reward. he is always manipulating the will of the weak, using naivity to increase his power.


Larkoush encourages his followers to increase their own power through manipulation and corruption. being a traitorous, back-stabbing freak is nice, keeping bargains is bad. getting a kolyarut after you is a holy act, but just DONT do anything just of niceness. always get at LEAST double as much out of somethig that you gave to make it roll.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Being the god of something illegal, Larkoush has no temples. his worshippers exist in secrecy, and only true worship of him is the very few cults that occasionally form.

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