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Lady Death's symbol
Symbol: Skull With Crossed Scythes
Home Plane: The Void
Alignment: True Neutral, neural evil, neutral good,
Portfolio: Death, life, necromancy, existence
Clergy Alignments: NA
Domains: Creation, Destruction, Death, Life
Favored Weapon: "Lifecutter" (Scythe)

Lady Death often manifests herself as a human female, possessed of ivory white skin and silvery white hair, with piercing crystal blue eyes, enshrouded in a dark hooded cloak, carrying Lifecutter. Alternatively, she also manifests as a human skeleton similarly garbed.


Life and Death are but part of a cycle. No being, no matter how powerful, is immune to the effects of Life and Death. All entities sooner or later must feel Lady Death's Kiss, in some form or other.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

As an Overdeity, Lady Death has no clergy or temples devoted to her. She does not require followers to have her power. In fact, many of the citizens of Valmara are unaware that she even exists. Those that are revere her as they silent appreciation. there are few who actualy follow her, and these beings are known as gods of death.

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