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My Campaign[edit]

This is what i have written about my Campaign. Write me something on the talk page for comments or suggestions. Players have not used this yet, so I am open to suggestions. This campaign will use steam technology as well as firearms. The Players start out in Eltar Port. They purchase their equipment normally, but when they start out they only have cloth armor and a dagger. (They later either get it when joining the Death Knights if they are evil, or they get it from the resistance if they are good.

The Story So Far...[edit]

The continent of Kurvon was once a generally peaceful one. The continent was ruled by three kingdoms which usually there was not much conflict. Two of the kingdoms were in the northern half and the last one was in the southern half. The northern and the southern halves of the continent are split up by river, with a bridge near the middle of the continent. This peace ended when a Wizard created an undead army and took over the southern kingdom. What is known is that the wizard was a student of an arcane school. He was kicked out, and in his rage he killed everyone at the school. He then disappeared. When he came back as a Lich, he had an army of undead who massacred the town that the arcane school was in, and he used the corpses to fuel his army. He quickly overtook the capitol and killed the King. The remaining people retreated to the northern kingdoms, which united when they heard of the fall of the southern kingdom.

When Undead took over Southern Kurvon, some of the the Bugbears, Goblins and Goliaths that lived there gathered up to the wall that separated Northern Kurvon from Southern Kurvon. They waved peace flags as they approached. The soldiers defending the gate readied to attack, thinking that this was a trap. The General ordered them to let them speak before they attack. The soldiers were confused, but they followed their orders. A Goblin, speaking for the Hruggan tribe, formed up of Bugbears, Goblins and Goliaths who left their old tribes to join the Hruggan tribe for peace with the common Humanoids. They asked for peace and entrance into Northern Kurvon.

The general sent out an ambassador to the Human capital, Deepmoore, along with the Dwarven capitol Redguard Mountain, and the Elf capitol, Wood Kurv. After a meeting with all the leaders at Deepmoore they decided that they could join the common Humanoids, as long as they act civil while in the presence of the common races. The Hruggan Tribe agreed from the terms.

When goblins moved into the main cities, people found out that some Goblins were more civilized than the usual ones. These types of Goblins were the majority of the goblins from the Hruggan tribe. Some of the Goblins moved into a Gnomish community where they were trying to make devices for fighting the undead, and the Goblins showed the Gnomes something that Goblins were working on. They had figured out steam technology and had developed new weapons called firearms. The Gnomes took this new technology and quickly embraced it, feeling that this new technology could help in the battle against undead. There was a rare race of small animated dolls which were called Plushies, who's origins are unknown. They took the Goblin Technology and helped them. Their curiosity fueled their work, as they wanted to figure out how the devices worked.

Now, the undead have invaded. They do not have complete control of the continent yet, but they have targeted most of the major cities, and have taken down all of the Southern half's cities, and also the Port town of Eltar.

Gnomes proposed an idea with the Goblins: Project Survival. The Gnomes predicted that the undead would take over Northern Kurvon eventually and they were not going to leave. They wanted to stay hidden and prepare for a large unanimous retaliation. They dug underground and built about 23 Underground cities before the Undead attacked Northern Kurvon. They were built to hold at least 33 people. They all have a basic blueprint that they followed. The Plushie race created an arcane device that would allow all of the Mayors to talk with each other and the most important Underground City, Which had One of every race that were allowed into the Underground Cities as a council that decides major actions for the Underground. (I need some help with this one, comment on talk page)


Eastern Continent

Upper continent (Taft): Taft is the upper continent

Deepmoore, Metropolis Deepmoore needs a bio written up for it.

Wood Kurv, Elven Village The Elves of Wood Kurv usually stay to themselves unless provoked. Most people see the forest as a maze and many people have gotten themselves lost trying to find Wood Kurv, even with a map.

Eltar, Port Town Eltar Port is a walled in port city on the western coast of the northern Kingdoms. When the undead army broke the gate open, people were surprised; they did not kill the people, but they did not let them leave the city. The Death Knights marched to the mayor's house and assassinated him. They killed anyone suspected of being part of a resistance. One notable NPC in the town is Yamato, who owns Yamato Store. Yamato knows a fair deal about the Death Knights, but nobody knows why.

Redguard Stronghold The Dwarven Island next to the Eltar port has a massive Volcano in which the Dwarves live in, using the magma for Blacksmithing. Trades with the Wood Kurv, so naturally they have frequent trade ships to them.

Lower Continent (Dead Plains): The Dead Plains were once a beautiful grassland once. The Plains since then have become a undead place where the still living in the area are denied entrance into Taft because of fears of the plague spreading. The Necropolis of Death which created the plague is slowly approaching Deepmoore in order to assult the city. if the Necropolis of death takes over Taft, then the western continent Kevid will fall easily.


Yamato, Level 11 Human-DeathKnight Swordmage
Map of "Yamato Store"

Yamato is the owner of a shop selling various strange items in Eltar, which is called "Yamato Store". His store also doubles as his home. Yamato knows much about the Death Knights because he was one, until one day he abandoned their leader. He had done horrible things to many people, and he never forgives himself for that. He helps the Resistance to try to stop people joining the Death Knights. His store sells many exotic things. It is also one of the two entrances to their hideout. (The sewers are the entrance to the hideout)

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