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Karnaf Bark Armor[edit]

Karnaf Bark Armor(Heavy) Armor
Enhancement Bonus
Check Speed Price (gp) Weight Properties Base Type
Karnaf Bark Armor +6 - -1 -1 40 32lbs Durable 3 {{{basetype}}}

Karnaf is a town where the Volta first invented the art of making bark armor. The armour is enchanted to be nearly unbreakable and is carved with unrecogzisable runes and patterns.


Karnaf Bark gives added protection by absorbing some of the force from attacks. However, in doing so, the armor takes damage. The first time you take damage during an encounter, reduce that damage by 3. The armor then loses this property until you repair it during a short rest or an extended rest.

Durable armor provides greater damage absorption when it is enchanted. Add twice the enhancement bonus to the durability rating of the armor.


You need to take the Karnaf Bark Armor Proficiency (4e Feat) feat to be proficient with this armor.

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