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Tall, Faithful Soldiers of the Locust Horde

A typical Kantus

Racial Traits
Average Height: 6'5"-7'5"
Average Weight: 185-250lbs
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence or Wisdom
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-Light
Languages: Common, Locust
Skill Bonuses: +2 Religion, +2 Acrobatics
Empowered Voice: You gain the Screech Encounter Ability
Chant of the Riftworm: You gain the Channel Divinity: Chant of the Riftworm Ability If playing a class with a Divine Power Source (see Chant of the Riftworm Feat)
Weapon Proficiency: You are Proficient With the Gorgon Burst Pistol.

Screech Kantus Racial Power
You screech at the top of your lungs, shattering eardrums and stopping opponents in their tracks
Standard Action Close Burst 2
Requirement: you must have an enemy adjacent to you to use this power
Target: Up to three enemies in the burst
Attack: Charisma +2 Vs. Fortitude
Hit: 1d6+ Charisma Modifier Damage, and the targets are deafened until the end of the encounter.
On a Critical hit, the Targets are also knocked prone
Special: When you are first bloodied in an encounter, this power is renewed

Play a Kantus if you want...

  • to be a very effective Divine Powered member of any group
  • to be smart, calculating, and destructive, all in the name of your god or religious affiliation
  • To be a member of a race that favors the Avenger, Cleric, Invoker, and Paladin classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

A Kantus has Leathery, tan colored skin. They are as tall as a Goliath, but are slender and much more agile than other races of even smaller sizes. Being Reptilian in nature, the Kantus has zero body hair.

Playing a Kantus[edit]

The Kantus is the Priest Caste of the Locust Horde. They serve as the healers and shock troopers of the Locust horde. They are able to manipulate Rockworms, The main food source of the Locust. They are Overly loyal to Myrrah, the Queen of the Locust Horde, and will lay down their lives to defend her. Kantuses dwell underground in little to no lighting, and have developed superb senses of sight and smell.

Kantus Characteristics: Reverent, Loyal, Determined, Trustworthy, Violent to enemies, and Noble

Male Names: Sha, Skorge, very few more are known. Most are one or two syllable names with an s sound somewhere in the second or only syllable.

Female Names: If a Kantus female Exists, there has been no written record of their existence, let alone any of their names

Kantus Adventurers[edit]

Three sample Kantus adventurers are described below.

Sha is a Kantus Cleric who served in the Locust-human War as a medic, who's chant could recover and inspire mortally wounded compatriots back into the fray. In a last Ditch effort to stop the destruction of the Hollow, Sha sacrificed a majority of his power. He succeeded, but was exiled. While travelling, He met his old ally, Kresh, a Dragonborn Fighter, Drinking a few Dwarves under the table. Sha and Kresh Then teamed up to begin a campaign to win the favor of the Locust Horde once again.

Skorge is a Kantus Avenger, and is the High Priest of the locust horde. He despises humanity with a burning passion, and has a desire to kill and torture every living member of the human race. He wields a fearsome Double ended Chainsaw staff that he uses to cut through solid steel.

Koraash is a Kantus Paladin who has turned his back on the Locust Horde. He had developed a feeling of Kinship with the Humans, Rather than desiring their death. He now wars against Forces of evil in the Name of Bahamut, while still retaining his respect for the Trinity of Worms. He carries His Gorgon burst Pistol still, But only uses it against other Locust.

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