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Jenova Infused[edit]


Jenova the mother from beyond the stars. Jenova Infused are those who have come in contact and had their genetics infused with Jenova herself.

Through the descriptions of Sephiroth and Ifalna, it is revealed that Jenova can change her form from female to even male appearances.

Jenova is an extraterrestrial lifeform, whose will and power is carried through her cells. It is believed that "Jenova" is a combination of the hebrew word "Jehova" for "god" and the latin root "nova" for "new," meaning "New God." The creature is also referred to as "The Calamity From the Skies." Jenova Has since lost most of it's power do to the constant experiments of man. Jenova is no longer whole now being spread over the entire world thanks to wizards.

Jenova has been used for many experiments by any wizard able to get a hold of it. These wizards would genetically infuse Jenova with test subjects. It has varied effects, but definitely alters the mind. For some, it adds great strength and vitality, others, insanity.

Creating a Jenova Infused[edit]

The Jenova Infused is an acquired template. It is applied by a wizard messing with genetics. Being such it can be gained at any time but this template may only be added to humanoids. For an unknown reason the Jenova gene rejects non-humanoid creatures instantly killing them.

Size and Type[edit]

Size remains the same as the base creature. Type is changed to native, outsider. Upon becoming an outsider the Jenova infused gain all outsider traits as listed the Monster Manual 3.5 unless noted otherwise.

Hit Dice[edit]

You gain +4 extra HD, the same as that of the base creature.


Same as the base creature.

  • Wings (Ex): A Jenova infused with 10 or more HD gains a flight speed equal to his base speed with Good maneuverability. He may form or dismiss these wings as a free action. This is a supernatural Ability.

Armor Class[edit]

+2 Natural Armor.


Same as the base creature.

Full Attack[edit]

Same as the base creature.


Same as the base creature.

Special Attacks[edit]

  • Rebuke/Command Limit SOLDIER : As a Cleric equal to your HD you may Turn or Rebuke a character with the Limit SOLDIER class. The Limit SOLDIER may make a Will save (DC 10+Jenova Infused HD) to be immune to this ability for the day.

Special Qualities[edit]

  • Weapon Bond (Ex): At 1st level a Jenova infused designates 1 weapon as Bonded and as a free action you may use the outsider blood within you to create a copy of that weapon from your own body. If the weapon is separated from you for more than 2 rounds it vanishes into smoke. Whenever a level is gained the Jenova Infused may choose a different weapon to bond losing his connection to the original. This functions as the quick draw feat for all intents and purposes of prerequisites needing this feat. This weapon may be magically enhanced just as any other weapon and takes on all properties of the designated weapon. It takes twelve hours of meditation and the cost of the enchantment to enhance the weapon.

Extraordinary Abilities[edit]

  • Ageless: A Jenova Infused creature does not take any penalty from aging and does not die of old age, and can not be magically aged, they however does not revert any penalty taken before the acquisition of the template.
  • Fast Healing 1: A Jenova Infused recovers 1 HP per round.
  • Master of Opportunities: A Jenova Infused may make an attack of opportunity against any enemy that you can make one against in the rules, but only once per provoked Attack of Opportunity.

Spell-Like Abilities[edit]

DC is Cha based and all spells are treated as being cast by a sorcerer of equal level to the Jenova Infused class levels.

  • HD________Abilities
  • 1-2________Darkness 3/day
  • 3-4________Align Weapon
  • 5-6________Wall of Fire
  • 7-8________Divine Power 3/day
  • 9-10_______Deeper Darkness
  • 11-12______Word of Chaos
  • 13-14______Cloak of Chaos 3/day,Fire Storm
  • 15-16______Symbol of Insanity
  • 17-18______Meteor Storm
  • 19-20______Destruction


+4 Strength, +6 Dexterity, +4 Constitution, Charisma +2


A Jenova Infused gains Balance, Intimidate, Jump, and Tumble as class skills if it did not already have them.


Same as the base creature.


Same as the base creature.


Same as the base creature.

Challenge Rating[edit]

HD 4 or less, Base Creature +1, HD 5 to 10, Base Creature +2, HD 11 or more, Base Creature +3


Same as the base creature.


Do to the unstable blend of human and Jenova all those who become infused immediately have their alignment changed to chaotic. This change keeps the neutral, good, or evil half of the alignment. So a lawful good creature becomes chaotic good.


Same as the base creature.

Level Adjustment[edit]


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