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Greater Deity
Symbol: A very large wound
Home Plane: None; marauding throughout the Lower Planes
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: War and devastion, but especially War Crimes and Genocide
Clergy Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, Wrath*
Favored Weapon: One Martial Weapon of Cleric's choice. Itemean'p is not picky
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Itemean'p (Itemeneb, Idman-p, Ravager of the Land, Lord Carnage) is a God of war and devastion, and his war is definitly not of the kind that is "just", actually not even morally ambigous. Marauding hordes of pillagers, ever growing hate between the parties, atrocities committed against prisoners of war, entire continents in ruins - Itemean'p is war as hatred unrestrained by pragmatism, spiteful and self-destructive. Therefore, he is virtually never worshipped in any culture that has retained any degree of sanity or knows about his true nature - but a war fought too intense is not always good for sanity, and much can be retionalised and dismissed as propaganda of divine rivals or simple myth. Most descriptions of the Ravager of the land describe him as a humanoid many miles in height - although , entirely covered by a bizarre armour that on a closer look turns out to consist of bones, gore, cinders, scorched earth and genocidal curses. It is said that with every farm pillaged, every artifact destroyed, every life extinguished, every soul doomed by war, the body of the God grows. Itemean'p attacks, if these stories are to be believed, by simply squashing his enemies with his titanic body and nigh infinite strength.


War is necessary - this is what is the public knows about the ideology of Iemeneb. But as a war grows more brutal, more and more the popular opinion resembles what can be seen as his aims for a moment - they are all evil fiends that do not count, the whole nation, or race, even the civilians and childrens, and deserve to be entirely exterminated, even better if it happens in a cruel way. In such an athmosphere, actual worshippers of Itemean'p can crop out, often even furthering the genocidal hatred. Of course, Lord Carnage does not take side in any conflict, but rather plays both sides, prolonging and further excalating it to increase the suffering. His vision for the cosmos is a universal hell-hole suffering from futile wars without reason or end.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

In most cultures Idman-b is only worshipped to avert his wrath and to get fortune in necessary wars. Even very warlike cultures do only pray to him as just another god of war, not the god of all-consuming hatred and mutual destruction he actually is. The few beings that know his true agenda and still (or even therefore) serve him are without exception either completely deranged or evil by their very nature (if not both).


Itemean'p is probably the most hated being in the cosmos, seen by every other god as an enemy - a feeling that is mutual. However, his hatred is often the greatest for other gods of war and destruction: What war can be more destructive than ones between war itself? These wars usually do not aim for the end of the other god, as it would probably reduce the emout of war. A strange relationship exists between Itemean'p and Grkafsldewa. They are surprisingly neutral to each other, and there seems to be something like kind of grudging respect and an involuntary fascination for the other's atrocities between Lord Carnage and Cruelty Incarnate.

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