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A piece of white clothing fluff. Some say it came from the clothing of a god.

When a character has this in their inventory, once per day the DM must roll a D20 and according to what he rolls the character holding the fluff will have a spontaneous event occur to him. It reappears within the character’s inventory at the time for the day’s event if the character gets rid of it. The fluff cannot be destroyed by normal means.

Spontaneous Event Table:[edit]

1- Character develops both Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia.

2- All of the character’s equipment shrinks to half its size. The process takes an hour, and it can occur while the character is wearing it, causing either the character to be squished, or the equipment to break.

3- The character ‘lags’ when moving around. He will pause, jump forward, jump back, change direction, etc.

4- The character gets a song stuck in their head, adding one point of insanity to the character every 3 hours. The limit of insanity is decided through the ability modifiers of INT and WIS. Only a level 5 bard or a high level charm can remove the song. (Severe trauma helps too, so the character dropping to 2 HP relieves it.)

5- The character spontaneously combusts, causing 1d4 damage to him and others every turn until extinguished.

6- The character becomes terribly nostalgic, and develops a tendancy to complain about how terrible everything is compared to his youth. This brings his charisma down by 5-10 points (DM’s choice)

7- The character’s current objective is resolved.

8- The character becomes depressed, then becomes depressed about how depressed he is, and this repeats, creating a constant loop of depression, causing the character to go into a post-traumatic coma.

9- A small demonic dog appears above the character, then begins to attack the character.

10- Everything becomes soggy, as if a separate cloud rained on each separate thing in the world for a day.

11- The character becomes fall-over drunk.

12- Everything flips upside down.

13- The character forgets what they were doing.

14- The weather becomes extreme and inconsistent.

15- Everything (Besides living beings) becomes chocolate and a very large, hungry ogre appears.

16- Same as 15, except the ogres are replaced by 5 very hungry giants.

17- The sun stops producing visible light (Everything’s the same but the world is dark.)

18- The character becomes dangerously addicted to an unattainable substance.

19- Nothing.

20- DM’s choice.

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