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Talents are like Class Abilities, Racial Abilities, and Feats, but more potent and often used as prerequisites for Salient Divine Abilities in Inath Level Progression

Talents will remain in development until xido deems it necessary to close the books on adding new talents (which may take a while).

General Rules[edit]

  • Should fall somewhere between a Feat / Class Ability and a Salient Divine Ability
  • Extend a Class ability, Racial Ability or Feat by Augmenting it in some way
  • Provide bonus to Ability, Ego Roll, Spirit Roll, Arcane Mana Conversion, Telekinesis, Meditation, or other Inath-related function
  • Should relate to Divine Spark and/or Energy Path Plane, as well as given Affinities
  • Provide an Early Inath Ability for one that is not already granted with a Spiritual Journey / Legendary Quest
  • Provide access to Abilities that are governed by the Deeper Realms of one’s Energy Paths Plane (Deeper Ethereal, Deeper Shadow, Elemental Realms, Spirit Realm, Dream Realm)
  • May grant Inath Points or Mana Points
  • Should equal one Feat with high Prerequisites or two basic feats
  • Should grant one at will spell-like ability, two 2/day spell-like abilities, three or four 1/day spell-like abilities, one 2/day supernatural ability, two 1/day supernatural abilities, or one at will extraordinary ability
  • Should grant Skill or Ability bonus equal to +1@9-10 Skills, +2@5-8 Skills, +3@3-4 Skills, +4@2-3 Skills, +5@2 Skills, +10@1 Skill, +6@1 Ability, +4@2 Abilities, +2@3-4 Abilities, require prerequisites for more beneficial Talents
  • Some talents can accept a sacrifice in order to keep the Talent beyond attaining one’s first Salient Divine Ability, but not all Talents will accept Sacrifices, as noted in their descriptions. Typically, only Talents which are not able to be supplanted by similar Salient Divine Abilities will accept Sacrifices, and those with higher prerequisites may or may not require higher Sacrifices. Each Sacrifice, if allowed, is stated in the Talent’s description, and can include:
    • Exp points / Class levels
    • Gold / Wealth
    • Ability Scores
    • Mana Points (permanent)
    • Magic Items / Relics / Artifacts
    • Inath Points (permanent)
    • Spell Slots / Power Points / Essentia (permanent)
  • Some talents may require spending Inath Points, Voluntary Ability Score Damage, Mana Points, or Essentia


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