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Inath Culture plays on a few key ideas and plot lines in deific and semi-deific campaigns.

  • The Life Sequence (Adventuring)
  • Meditation, personal introspection and self-expression (Seeking a Path)
  • Reincarnation and the Eternal Spiritual Energy (Spiritual life and Afterlife)
  • Death or Near Death Experience (the Death Sequence)
  • Afterlife in the Outer Realms (the Afterlife Sequence)
  • Ascension and Inception (seeking, attaining, voluntarily or involuntarily receiving Divine Status through Inath Levels)
  • Control of internal and external elements of life (Divine Influence)
  • Cults, Cabals, Religions, Philosophies and Doctrine of the fantasy Material Realm (Divine Campaign style)
  • Inath Progression (Ascendance)
  • Followers and worshippers (Godhood)
  • Animosity between the gods because they do not all wish for mortals to ascend, and animosity with ascending heroes because they do not want any larger of a pantheon (Divine Competition)
  • Deity vs. deity duels (Inath Battles)
  • Lore and Legend (Divine and Cosmological Lore)
  • The End Result (The Big Picture Plot)

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