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Imbued Spell[edit]

This enhancement functions similar to Spell Storing. Except that instead of having to prepare the spell and place it into the weapon, the weapon becomes imbued with the spell. A single spell per imbued spell enhancement is permanently a part of the weapon. The spell must be have a range of touch. Ranged weapons imbue the spell onto the ammunition upon loading, but lose the ability if weapon is unloaded by any means other than firing. Once the ammunition has been fired, and the spell used, the projectile becomes normal again (a miss still uses the spell).

Each spell lvl counts as a +1 bonus to the weapon.

This ability functions 3/day, same as Spell Storing.

Aura: Faint to Strong based on spell lvl transmutation; CL 10; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Imbued Spell; Price bonus based on spell lvl

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