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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A Triangle with an eye on the center
Home Plane: Far Realms
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Control, Insanity, Fascism, Darkness, Individualism, and the use of knowledge for dark actions.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Evil, or Neutral Evil
Domains: Madness , Curse , Evil

Destruction , Law

Favored Weapon: Whip



The main Dogma of the Illuminati Order, is to rule others and be worshiped as a god yourself. A follower of this deity is not suggested to help other people, unless he receives a payment or a benefit. Apart from that Illuminati followers believe to a Messiah that will come and enslave everything, but them, known as the Dark Sun or the Antichrist.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The Illuminati clerics, are evil people that will not hesitate to slay everyone who opposes to worship their deity or even them ! Their favourite colours are black and red.


The Illuminati Order does not accede to any pantheon, and it is actually consisted of three cosmic beings, that were merged into one deity, whose names are not known by mortals. (Satan, Gaia, Dionyssus)

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