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I am autistic personally, and I'm basing this template mostly on my own experiences with autism.

And, yes I know that the term "idiot savant" is archaic, but then again I AM making this for D&D.

Idiot Savant[edit]

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Idiot Savants are humanoids that are "Different". They're catagorized by being VASTLY intelligent in spite of (Or perhaps because of) being completely unable to socialise like a normal person.

Creating an idiot savant[edit]

Only humanoids can be idiot savants, and they must be born as such (or VERY rarely be made such by arcane experiments). If base creature's type becomes anything other then humanoid then they lose this template but may choose to use the Random Knowledge ability for any knowledge check.

Special Qualities[edit]

Random Knowledge: Instead of the standard knowledge checks as is normal, Idiot savants may instead make intelligence checks with their character level added to the roll similar to bardic knowledge. Unlike bardic knowledge the information provided is complete and not based on rumors but are rather based on being able to remember things differently then other people. If the player rolls between 1 and 4 on this roll they are considered to automatically fail this check, in addition if they roll a natural 1 they are considered to be flat-footed for 2 rounds and have -2 charisma for 2d4 rounds in a fit of frustration about not knowing the answer.


+4 intelligence, -2 Charisma, -2 dexterity OR wisdom (players choice)

Idiot savants are very intelligent however they are not able to socialize well. Often they are unable to move their hands the way they want to, or have unusual sensory problems


+2 to any one Knowledge skill, and Profession: Gambler or any one craft skill

-2 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Handle Animal, and Perform

-1 to every skill point per level for Strength, Charisma (not Use Magic/Psionic Device), and Dexterity-based skills


Generally, Idiot savants are found in cities often taking mundane positions and trying to live their own lives, often they are thrown into lunatic asylums or otherwise ostricised for their condition.

Challenge Rating[edit]



In addition to the base creature's treasure there may be found between 1-20*hitdice gold worth of useless nick-nacks


Often lawful, Idiot savants have a very well defined sense of justice and right and wrong.


as base creature

Level Adjustment[edit]


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