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These quests, set around the village of Holbrook, are adapted from the adventures in the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure Boardgame (DADFAB) published by Hasbro in 2002. They are intentionally light on plot.

The maps below refer to the board numbers used in DADFAB. Furnishings are a mix of those from DADFAB (pillars, trees) and Heroquest (tables, etc).

Where possible, Encounters are given for full parties (3 to 5 players) or small groups (1 or 2 players). A Player map is also provided which does not include monsters, traps or secrets.

The Goblin Bandits[edit]

Unease and darkness have fallen over the land of Rallion as monsters ravage the region. Travelling through it, the heroes have arrived at the village of Holbrook, on the edge of a forest, where goblin attacks have left the villagers fearing for their lives. The sheriff of Holbrook has gone in search of them, but has not returned. The goblins must be the key to his disappearance.

Location: The goblins have made their lair in the basement of a ruined farmhouse.

Objective: Defeat all the goblins.

Overview: For a full party, this whole adventure should be considered a single encounter with no rests. Should the group attempt to rest, the goblins further into the basement will bring the fight to them. For a small party, there is an opportunity for a short rest in room D before proceeding to E.

The Goblin Bandits, using boards 3 and 1.
Player map

Encounter 1[edit]

Encounter Level 1: (Easy, total XP 400); 4 goblin bandit minions (25 XP each), 2 goblin bandit skirmishers (100 XP each), 3 small pit traps (25 XP each) and 1 basic arrow trap (25 XP) spread throughout the six rooms of the basement.

A: The party start here, on the steps down to the basement. This room, and each subsequent room, is dimly lit from daylight shining through cracks in the floorboards above. The door is a freely-opening decrepit wooden door.

B: A single goblin bandit minion stands guard outside a another decrepit wooden door. There are two squares of rubble (difficult terrain). As soon as the goblin detects the party, she will flee to the east to warn her gang.

C: Two pillars and a battered box armchair. On the chair is a fine bottle of brandy worth 20 gp. The door to the east is a freely-opening decrepit wooden door.

D: A makeshift kitchen; two squares of rubble and a table. 1 goblin bandit minion and 1 goblin bandit skirmisher are gorging on raw game, but may have been alerted by the sentry in room A. If engaged at range, they will tip over the table to give themselves superior cover. With a full PC party, the goblin skirmisher will attempt to flee when bloodied: to room E (hoping to lure them into a pit) then F (to get his friends). With a small PC party, contain the fight here and then allow a short rest. The door to the south is a freely-opening strong wooden door.

E: Two pillars. Three small pit traps. The three doors to the west are strong wooden doors. Only the southernmost door is freely-opening: the other two are stuck (break DC 13).

F: The bandit's main living area, containing a table and two simple chests. Here are 2 goblin bandit minions and 1 goblin bandit skirmisher, planning their next raid. Both chests are unlocked: the first contains rolls of silks worth 60 gp; the second contains 40 gp but opening it triggers a basic arrow trap.


Congratulations - you have defeated the goblin bandits. But as the heroes search their lair they find a disturbing message. It seems the goblins were just scouts for a larger party. But where is this other group and where is the sheriff?

On the grounds of the farmhouse the players easily find goblin tracks leading further into the forest. They may take a short rest. If they wish to take an extended rest remind them that the life of the sheriff is at stake, and they would have to travel through the forest approaching dusk - but allow it if they insist.

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