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History of the World[edit]

Picture of the phonetic alphabet of the ancient Druids

See Conversions for information on time in Sangra.

History of the Ages[edit]

  • 4million BA-0AA: Mystic Age
  • 1AA-10,000AA: Historic Age
  • 10,000AA-41000AA: Golden Age
  • 41,000AA-400,000AA: Dark Age
  • 400,000AA-900,000AA: Age of Rebirth
  • 900,000- :Modern Age

Mystic Age[edit]

4million BA-0AA

Long before the arrival of the escaped slaves, throngs of mystic druids lived on the continent Simiran. These druids could live forever, master telepathy, and lived in harmony with nature. When the escaped slaves reached Simiran, they initially lived together until the end of the Golden Age.

An Ancient Druid

Historic Age[edit]


10,000 years, or 500 generations of civilization pass during this age in which the humans, dwarves, and elves created their original cities, the Humans in the Greyven Moors, Elves in Simirandel, and Dwarves in Calamanto, now ruins. The wheel was invented early on, as was blacksmithing, near the end of the age. The latter advance led the civilizations to a united Golden Age.

Golden Age[edit]


One of the shorter timeperiods along with the Historic, the Golden Age was a renaissance boom of technological advances. However, in its wake it left the dismissal of philosophy and thought, virtues of the druids. Mithril and adamantine weapons were common, every town a garrison, and the economy flourished. However, the abundance in wealth created greed and uprisings. A human leader named Krantos raised an army to destroy the druids and steal their secrets. He destroyed almost all the druids, however he and his followers were unable to open the Book of Zanayris, a piece of literature akin to the Druid's bible. After decades of long search, Krantos, alone and obsessed with a single goal, found a surviving druid apprentice in the Black Hills and persuaded him to give him the secret to immortality, and still survives looking for the book, under the name Shadow King. This uprising led civilization into a dark age, where without the druids, all magic disappeared.

Dark Age[edit]


During this age, magic became almost nonexistant in Simiran.The elves fled underground while the dwarves shut themself away from Human civilization. Out of greed for the slowly dwindling fortune on the continent, guilds and clans arose and fought over the land for more than 360,000 years. The two most prominent clans were the Shadow Guild and Common People's Organization.

Age of Rebirth[edit]

400,000 -900,00AA

After half a million years of hiding, the elves came back and taught music, merriment, and magic to the humans. Conflicts began to end, though both prominent guilds still remained rivals. However, it took another half a million years for a complete revival of the Golden Age, now the Modern Age.

Modern Age[edit]


The majority of the quests occur in this age.

Other Ages[edit]

The ages can be used by the DM as possible outcomes of adventures.

Age of Pestilence[edit]

A plague sweeps through and wipes the majority of civilization out.

Age of Second Rebirth[edit]

The possible rebirth of the nation after the plague.

History of Wars[edit]

The War for Independence[edit]

In 09 AA, less than a decade after the slaves' escape, their former owner Donshank Vountwittle hired an army of 400 mercenariess, all human, to attack the Simiran. Lonston Hont, the human general who commanded the armies, led his army to victory in two battles, Coastal Battle and the Siege of Simirandel. The Coastal Battle was a raid made by the invaders soon after arrival in Simiran, while the siege cost many more lives.

Total Casualties:

Simirans: 496

Opressors: 320 aprox.

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