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Northern Hikipale

Hikipale is a nation in the South and West of Aina, governed by a loose monarchy. It is the home of the Bosmer, and is ruled over by Akunui, the malama or "oathkeeper" of the Bosmer. These woodland and sea folk spend their days ensuring that the ancient seat of the Merran Empire is protected from those who would seek to exploit its still-considerable magic power. The Bosmer spend their days wandering the shaded ways of their home, enjoying a deep connection with nature and worshipping Aohine.

Southern Hikipale

The land itself is unofficially divided into two regions. In the North there is a large landmass covered in gargantuan temperate forest. In the southernmost reaches there are mostly deciduous trees gradually shifting to evergreen in the along the northern borders, but all across the land there are trees that tower over 800 feet in the air. These massive specimens are a testament to the power of Bosmeri nature magic, and are almost exclusively the homes of Northern Bosmer, with only a few ground-based settlements on the southern and western extremes. In the south, Hikipale consists of dozens of small islands known as the Shattered Soul. These islands are almost exclusively tropical, and Bosmer that live in this region are famous for their prowess with small sailing craft. They spend most of their days fishing on the high seas, patrolling the uninhabited islands and the Merran ruins that lie dormant on them, and relaxing in the evening with song and dance around campfires. Both regions have seen remarkably little cultural change since their Concordance in Favor of Divine Magic over 400 years ago, and remain grouped into small communities that focus on as complete harmony with nature as is possible.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hikipale is the nature of the Shattered Soul. Even first-year schoolchildren understand that the entirety of the Gulf of Tears was once above sea level, and was the heart of the Great Merran Empire, but few understand that the islands which dot their way across the mouth of the gulf are actually nothing other than the ruins of great Merran palaces and temples. the most notable example is the island of Hala'ini, which means "sinful place" and is considered to the ruined Merran capital, is very clearly nothing but toppled stone slabs that still vaguely resemble the grand palace they must once have been. Bosmer maintain a steady patrol around its waters but do not go there, and have discovered that below the surface of the water is nothing but ruins until the ocean floor. This story is similar with all the other islands, although some (like the island of Halenui, the Bosmer capital) have grown to resembled natural islands considerably more than others. Halenui is a huge island covered in sloping hills and lush forests, but sample excavations all around it's landmass have revealed nothing but Merran ruins as close as 2 fathoms below the surface.

  • Imports: Alcohol, Trade Goods, Agriculture
  • Exports: Ships, Lumber, Trade Goods, Exotic Foods

Classes (Common)

  • Druid: A Bosmer is the quintessential Druid, and indeed, Bosmer culture was the birth of the Druid in Aina. Though lighthearted a majority of the time, these individuals have no qualms with brandishing the raw power of nature to defend themselves or the wilds.
  • Ranger: Only marginally less popular than the Druid, Bosmer Rangers are a fearsome sight. These Bosmer sacrifice a deeper connection with nature for great combat prowess, and the combination is very often deadly.
  • Fighter: After the First Meri Sundering in 3e 1207, the Bosmer have strived to maintain a formidable military, and they have succeeded. Their fighting style is something of a blend between Virran and Atralonian tactics, utilizing mainly small, highly-trained forces as the backbone of the military while still having rank-and-file soldiers available in a pinch. These are the fighters, and will more than likely be focused either on defensive fighting or archery, the former to protect the latter.
  • Bard: One of the favorite pasttimes of the Bosmer people is the recitation of stories and the exultations of dance and music around their nightly campfires, so the Bard is a natural class choice in Hikipale. Some Bosmer bards go on to become Oli Kahunas--history chanters--who are responsible for transmitting the Bosmer's rich oral tradition to younger generations. These are greatly respected members of society in Hikipale, and many young Bosmer have dreams of becoming bards as a result.

Classes (Uncommon)

  • Alchemist: Of all magic-based classes, the Alchemist might be the one that skirts the line between arcane and divine most dangerously. Bosmer Alchemists are perhaps the exception to the trend in that instead of siphoning their own magical power into their extracts and mutagens, they instead use the power of nature. This is a house-rule variant that has not yet been tested, but I foresee few problems with it.
  • Inquisitor: Sometimes Bosmer take the defense of nature more seriously than the racial tendency towards optimism and quiet living. These are the inquisitors, and are often considered to be eco-terrorists around the globe. No action is taboo for these individuals when it comes to protecting nature, and a select few even adopt the ways of the ancient Kaana Maka, the early Bosmer group responsible for rooting out magic users and ending their threat. Those magic users are now far too numerous to regulate (much less eliminate), these modern Kaana Maka will die trying. These individuals often revere Huaka'i or Hahainui.
  • Monk: Perhaps surprisingly, there is a strong monastic tradition in Hikipale. Particularly at Kaua'Heiau, a temple for just such training, Bosmer go to learn the sublime ways of unarmed, unarmored combat. This they consider to be combat in more complete harmony with nature than fighting with weapons ever could. The Bosmer have their own unarmed combat system developed over the long history of their culture, and many of the Bosmer masters are legendary across all of Aina.
  • Cleric: Those Bosmer who wish to serve and protect the planet by caring for its people inevitably become clerics of Aohine. They roam the lands of Hikipale (and sometimes beyond), healing the land of the hurt still left behind by the Great Merran Empire.
  • Rogue: Bosmer often find themselves well-suited to the life of the rogue. Carefree, open-minded, and quick with a blade in a pinch are all hallmarks of these individuals, and they often find lucrative use for those skills among the other nations of Aina.

Classes (Rare)

  • Oracle: Oracles are rare all across Aina, and Hikipale is no exception. Because of their oath and their strength in adhering to it, Utsirte rarely sees the need to descend upon any one Bosmer individual, but when it does happen it is incredible to behold. These individuals are routinely among the most powerful and impressive of all Bosmer, and often rise to positions of high respect in their communities, whether they serve as seers, as nature communicators, or as village protection.
  • Barbarian: Although Bosmer have a level of technology that has not advanced much out of the dregs of depravity at the beginning of the Third Era, that is not to say that they haven't been moving forward down other corridors. Simply because the Bosmer prefer a life of effort and primal living does not mean that they are somehow more inclined to become barbaric than, say, an Atralonian.
  • Cavalier: In the north of Hikipale there is a force called the Kia'i 'Aakau, the North Guard, and they ride great elk into battle against those who would encroach upon the territory of the forest. These warriors are feared for their tenacity if not for their size, and most goblin or orc raiding parties are wary to steer clear of them.

Classes (Restricted): Each of these races are restricted from play in Hikipale simply because there is no arcane magic allowed within its borders. Those that utilize the arcane are politely (if sadly) expelled from Hikipale and forbidden to return.

  • Sorceror
  • Summoner
  • Witch
  • Wizard

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