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High Arcana is a lethal artifact that holds power over all arcane magic. The High Arcana has the ability to flawlessly dispel any non-epic spell. In addition if it is used to touch any arcane spellcaster, they must make a fortitude save (DC 50) or become a thrall to the wielder. In the hands of a god however, the High Arcana can replicate any non-epic arcane spell with any metamagic feats that the god wishes the spell to be treated with, this does not increase the casting time nor the level of the spell. However if the High Arcana is wielded against a god the user may imprison the god in a sarcophagus in the demiplane of times end, upon doing this however the user is rendered irreversibly blind, deaf, mute and quadriplegic, and catatonic. The imprisoned god can only be freed by a cleric of the diametric opposite alignment.

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