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Home Plane: Celestia, Mercuria
Alignment: Neutral Good, with Chaotic Good tendancies
Portfolio: any Good or Any Neutral
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Domains: Water, Music
Favored Weapon: Trident
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Herodias appears as an attractive young male with large muscles, silver hair and eyes, and billowing white wings. Hero has rounded pecs and a tough, tight-knit torso with developed lats that accentuate his V-shaped frame. He has a flat, rippled stomach that protrudes outward toward his navel. He has open, sturdy hips that seem to thrust slightly foreward. His pelvic pone is also pronounced, with thick, coarse hair spread out generously to either side; his thighs are thick slabs of muscle atop hairy, sturdy calves. His butt is almost alarmingly muscular and firm.

Herodias wears a thin pale grey tunic. His only jewelry is a silver circlet around his head and a string of pearls wound around his right wrist.


Herodias teaches: "As long as we remember the melodies of all places we go and people we see, we will never forget them."

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Herodias' temples are generally by the seasides and well-kept. Silver is prominently featured in both fixtures and furniture.


Herodias joins his father, Poseidon, in the Greek Pantheon

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