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Some become great; others are born great.

Looking just like everyone else, no one would suspect the great power hidden inside you. The gods have truly blessed your soul.

Creating a Hero[edit]

Hero is a template that can only be added during character creation or if you somehow get reborn(Becoming dragon-born could be counted is being reborn at GM's Discretion), as you must be born with this gift.

Size and Type[edit]

No change to size and type.

Hit Dice[edit]

All hit die change to d12


+20 to base land speed and any other forms of movement you have.

Armor Class[edit]

+5 Natural armor, +5 insight bonus.


+5 insight bonus to attack rolls and your natural weapons increase by one size.

Special Qualities[edit]

Gain the use of Foresight three times a day.


+6 to all abilities.


+4 to all skills.


4 Bonus feats at first level and a bonus feat at each level after.

Challenge Rating[edit]






Level Adjustment[edit]


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