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NeoArden 18:31, 1 January 2010 (EST)[edit]

Almost always I take the Craft Weapons or Craft Armors skill. But I have taken it so many times that I'm tired of the cost crafting and I was wondering if there was any system just like in the Never Winter Nights, where you need the raw materials for crafting.

Another thing. I need advise. Is it bad if the DM removes the XP cost in crafting. It's just that there is no logic in it. You do something and you should get better in crafting but you lose XP. That isn't even logical. In my story you craft without XP gain and loss. The question is should I or should I not give players XP for crafting?

Name Violation 22:52, 1 January 2010 (UTC)[edit]

either use the artificer class from eberon. they get a xp reserve for crafting, and can suck xp out of existing items to refill it. great way to get rid of all those +1 longswords that keep dropping. otherwise look in UA for a variant they have for crafting. Awarding xp fro makng items just means a charcter is staying at home crafting instead of adventuring. whats the point of playing if your character is "phoning it in". Also in secon ed you got xp for crafting, but it was a totally different system. 3rd has xp as a cost to kep millions of hight powered gear from popping up. Like sovergn glue. what 20th level caster is spending all day making glue?

NeoArden 12:554, 13 January 2010 (EST)[edit]

Alright... Well I found one of the best homemade crafting systems while googling. the link is It has almost everything that I wanted. So basicly I can remove the xp cost... and let them craft... as in my story's there is time and everything they do and don't do has a consequence.

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