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This Psionic item allows you to see without seeing, much like how your Psicrystal "sees". It can also be crafted as a magical item, though the magic version is far less effective. It is not blindsense/sight, so you are not any more aware of invisible creatures than you would be normally, nor can you see through magical or supernatural darkness.

Psionic Version[edit]

The Psionic Version comes in three flavors: lesser, regular, and greater.

Lesser Headband of Telepathic Sight - The lesser version allows 360-degree vision in a 40' radius. Effects such as blindness, darkness, and the like are irrelevant. You also cannot be affected by gaze attacks as long as your eyes are closed. As long as your eyes are open, you gain a +2 bonus to search or spot checks made on something within 40'.

Headband of Telepathic Sight - All-around vision (+4 to search and spot) within a 80' radius. If your eyes are open then the bonus improves to +5. Neither bonus applies at distances beyond 80 feet. You can also hear psychically within a 20' radius. Deafness, silence, and the like is irrelevant. As long as you can hear normally, you gain a +2 bonus on listen checks made to hear something within 20 feet.

Greater Headband of Telepathic Sight - As the middle-range headband, with the following exceptions: The range of vision and range the bonus works out to extends to 120 feet. In addition, the range of psychic hearing extends out to 60 feet, as does the bonus on listen checks. In addition, this item cannot have its properties suppressed by a dispel magic spell, however a dispel psionics power works fine.

Cost: 4,000 gp (lesser), 16,000 (middle-range), or 36,000 (greater)

Prerequisites to create: Craft Universal Item, Remote Viewing, Touchsight

Note that the psionic version can also be crafted in the form of a glove or ring. The only difference between such versions is the item slot it takes up.

Magic Version:[edit]

The magic version is more-or-less the same as the lesser psionic version, except that it can only be crafted as a headband, not as a glove or ring. The cost is increased to 6,000 gp, and the prerequisites are changed to Craft Wondrous Item, Scrying, and Arcane Eye. The magic version is also black-and-white only in darkness of any sort.

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