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This weapon is a Vorpal Fullblade. Once per day the wielder can speak a command word to cast Blink as a spell-like ability.

Head Cleaver is a large sword, yet seems only slightly heavier than a normal Greatsword. It is double edged blade that shows the wear of a great many uses. Terran runes run the length of the blade, reading "The bearer of this blade wields a shard of power once belonging to the earth."

Head Cleaver was believed to have been forged by a legendary blacksmith who created this weapon for a group of seven weapons' masters. One of the men was trained in a brutally efficient style: stalking a battlefield and taking the fight to the enemy command. He was said to weave his way through the chaos of battle unleashing the fury of the blade where the enemy was strongest. The man became a legend, hailed by the masters as the epitome of slaughter, but named daemon by his foes. After his death, the weapon masters took back the blade to train a new agent of their fury. Since then the blade has been everywhere, yet nowhere. Stories abound of it's grim harvest and men now tell tales of a hulking man from the south, wearing the dull scarred blade.

Strong Necromancy and Transmutation CL 18th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor; blink, circle of death, keen adge.

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