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This weapon is a +3 Defending fullblade[1]. Once per day the wielder can speak a command word to cast spike stones as a spell-like ability.

Head Cleaver is an overtly large sword but seems to only weigh slightly more than a normal Greatsword. It is a double sided blade that is straight and shows wear as if it has been used a great many times. Terran runes run the length of the blade, reading "The wielder of this blade wields a shard of power once belonging to the earth." The handle magically sinks into the blade when not in use.


Head Cleaver was believe to have been made by a legendary blacksmith who was said to have made this weapon for a group of weapons masters who consisted of 7 experts in their specific weapons. this was made for a man who was trained in a style where he would sneak around the battle field where he would then methodically slaughter his enemy before they could truly tell where he was. the man was said to be a demon in the form of a man due to his ruthlessness and some believed that there was some demon blood in him. After his death the blade was passed on to the next generation of these 7 weapons masters. Since then the blade has been spotted here and there. this blade has a half sheath, a sheath made for the blade to be carried strapped to the back and had an opening reaching halfway down the sheathe to allow easy access to the blade.

It is said that there are a few master blacksmiths who have had the privilege to have examined the blade and understand it to the point of recreation. though few and far between there are stories of blacksmiths who were apprentices of those original smiths and have inherited the making of the massive sword themselves.


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