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  • Harpoon: To take this slot ability you must have Grappling Barb. A harpoon with a nasty barb on its end is grafted onto the suites left arm, and when used, fires out as a ranged touch attack. The harpoon has a range of 40ft, deals does 1d4 piercing damage. On a successful ranged attack, the target is considered impaled and grappled. As a full round action the target may make a DC 20 Strength check to break the hold, taking 1d6 slashing damage to remove the harpoon. As long as the target is impaled, it's movement is cut in half and the target takes a -2 on all attacks, saves, and skill checks. Once the harpoon is detached or on an unsuccessful attack the harpoon retracts instantly. Additionally the pilot receives a +2 to trip attempts and to avoid being tripped while the target is impaled. This ability causes the target to remain within a range of 40ft because it is still impaled. This ability consumes one energy point each round a target is impaled and can be released as a free action. A target that is impaled can also be reeled in as a fish on a hook, as a standard action the pilot can reel the line in at the pilots base land speed while his target is impaled. The target can avoid being pulled in with an opposed Strength check. This slot can be taken once for each arm. If more than one harpoon is used to impale a target, the target gets a -2 on all attacks, saves, and skill checks per harpoon impaled. Also with more than one harpoon the pilot can impale more than one opponent at once, which gives the pilot a -1 on grapple, attacks, skills, and saves per target impaled.
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