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This fan is yet another leftover from a canceled campaign i never ran. Like many of the other leftovers, i figured i may as well upload it here so that somebody else can get some use out of it.

The Halfmoon Ninja Fan is the signature weapon of an assassins guild known as the Halfmoon Ninja. A fan is bestowed upon each member once they graduate to the rank of Master Assassin. There are at least three versions known to exist, each more potent than the last. All three are powerfully enchanted Collapsing Crescent Fans (Sandstorm page 96) that fold up to be smaller than an average dagger, and are easily concealed (+2 to slight of hand checks to hide one on your person).

The most common version is little more than a +1 Flaming Fan. The flames are the signature black fire that is the second trademark of the guild. A rare few of this kind may have a +2 enhancement bonus.

The next version is wielded by the elite bodyguards and leaders of the guild, and is much better. This version is a +2 (sometimes +3) Keen Flaming Returning Throwing Fan. Again, the flames are the signature black of the guild. These versions of the fan are either made of adamantine or coated with alchemical silver.

The most powerful version is believed to be one-of-a-kind, and is wielded by the middle-aged changeling leader of the guild. It is a +5 Keen Flaming Burst Returning Throwing Fan and is made of Adamantine laced with alchemical silver, and is treated as being made of both materials for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Like its lesser counterparts, the flames given off by this fan are the trademark black fire of the guild.

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