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If you have a passion for midgets, fists, and the undead- this build might be for you. (For Version 3.5e)


All reference material comes from "The Complete Guide to Vampires" and "Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords"

Game Rule Components[edit]

Vampires require some DM permission. Usually rolling a vampire comes with a +8 level adjustment, but the complete guide to vampires offers a unique take on vampires where you may choose to level up your vampire race 1 level at a time.


NONE- You don't wear armor, you don't wield weapons. If you want to save your money, save up for a Monk Belt.


This is the IDEAL starting stats for this build:

STR: 11 DEX: 20 CON: 12 INT: 10 WIS: 18 CHA: 11

Dexterity and Wisdom are your bread and butter statistics. Dexterity is a bit more important than Wisdom.

You will want exactly 11 STR and 11 Charisma. Do not exceed 12 str or 12 charisma for any reason though.

Constitution is only important early game- once you turn into a vampire- this stat disappears.

Race (Templates):

Halfling. This entire build revolves around the Halfling. Their bonus to DEX, their bonus to ATTACK and their bonus to AC make them an ideal candidate for this build.

Starting Racial Traits:

I like to start my character off with the Quick trait (+10 movement speed / -1 hp per level). Makes your midget more mobile.


Lvl 1: Swordsage lvl 1(unarmed variant)

    Feat: Weapon Finesse

Lvl 2: Swordsage lvl 2

Lvl 3: Swordsage lvl 3

    Feat: Shadow Blade (add dex to dmg)

Lvl 4: Swordsage lvl 4

    Attribute Bonus: (you will need 12 str and 12 charisma eventually- so work towards this. If you already have 12 on each, go for Dex or Wisdom)

Lvl 5: Swordsage lvl 5

Lvl 6: Swordsage lvl 6

    Feat: Superior Unarmed Strike (OP fist dmg)

Lvl 7: Swordsage lvl 7

Lvl 8: Swordsage lvl 8

    Attribute Bonus: (Same as above, work towards 12 str and 12 charisma. If you have 12 on each, put on Dex or Wis)

Lvl 9: Swordsage lvl 8 / Vampire lvl 0 (CONVERT TO VAMPIRE HERE)

    Feat: Fanged Lunge (Allows you to drain victims with unarmed attacks)

Lvl 10: Swordsage lvl 8 / Vampire lvl 1

Lvl 11: Swordsage lvl 9 / Vampire lvl 1

Lvl 12: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 1

    Feat: Leadership
    Attribute Bonus: (same as above)

Lvl 13: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 2

Lvl 14: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 3

Lvl 15: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 4

    Feat: Improved Initiative

Lvl 16: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 5

    Attribute Bonus: (same as above)

Lvl 17: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 6

Lvl 18: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 7

    Feat: Sudden Recovery: (recover maneuver as a swift action)

Lvl 19: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 8

Lvl 20: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 8 / Arch Vampire lvl 1

Lvl 21: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 8 / Arch Vampire lvl 2

Lvl 21: Swordsage lvl 10 / Vampire lvl 8 / Arch Vampire lvl 3...

This build is meant to create the ultimate unarmed Halfling.

By level 20, your halfling will have an unarmored AC of over 35 (+7 from dex [+4 dex from vampire racial, +2 dex halfling],+5 from wis [+2 from vamp racial, wis added to armor lvl 2 swordsage], +1 size, +6 vamp natural armor).

With a monk's belt it will be even higher.

Although you will lose out on some base attack- your damage will be supplemented with a fanged lunge attack and bonuses to STR and DEX from your vampire passive.

Other Components[edit]

<- anything not covered by the previous sections ->


<- How and why this build works ->

Munchkin-Size Me[edit]

<- Take it to the next level ->

Side Notes[edit]

<- overview of additional info about this build ->


<- conditions of when this build works ->

DM Counters[edit]

<- If needed, tricks for the DM (provided they allow this build) to keep the abuse to a minimum. ->


<- Any other side notes that don't fit in the above sections. ->

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