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A "race's compendium" race created by

Half-Undead Template[edit]

  • All hit die become D12.
  • +4 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
  • Dark vision 60 ft.
  • 1 Extra feat (only if its half human)
  • +4 Bonus on saves against all mind-affecting effects.
  • Immune to fear and morale effects (positive or negative).
  • +4 Bonus on saves against sleep, paralysis, and stunning
  • Great Fortitude Feat for free
  • 25% chance to ignore a critical hit or sneak attack damage
  • Immune to death from massive damage, poison, death effects, and disease
  • Unaffected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection can remove this template, turning them back into the base creature.
  • Immune to both Cure and Inflict Spells. Both of these are bitter-sweet flashes of pain that heals/damages an equal amount and therefore has no mechanical effect.
  • Spells that deal damage only to undead deal half damage to half-undead. Spells that deal double damage to undead deal 50% more damage to half-undead than to a normal creature.
  • Half-undead with intelligence scores greater than 2 gain fast healing equal to 1 per 4 hit dice, to a maximum of 5 at 20 HD.
  • Half-undead have no need to eat, sleep, and breath
  • A Half-undead need not preform a constitution save for prolonged running or swimming
  • When a half-undead dies it reanimates as a mindless zombie or skeleton in 1d6 days. After this point only a true resurrection spell can bring back such a creature.
  • Level Adjustment= 0

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