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Half Phoenix[edit]


Half Phoenix tend to be reserved. They avoid crowded places and only interact with others if necessary.

Physical Description[edit]

There are two types of Half Phoenix's : Fire and Ice

The Half-Phoenix will generally inherit the physical appearences of its race. although in the case of being a Half-Phoenix (Fire) they will be feathered in red and orange. This is the same for Half-Phoenix (Ice) although instead of being feathered it will be covered in shards of Blue and White Ice. Half-Phoenix's cannot fly and do not have wings.


The Half-Phoenix is a really uncommon race. They get along well with those who they chose to interact with. The other races of the Multi-Verse have little information on the Half-Phoenix and haven't experienced prolongued contact with the Half-Phoenix.


Half-Phoenix tend to be Neutral Good. although there are individuals or groups that tend to be "different". The Race in general is Neutral Good


The Half-Pheonix are Scattered all over the Multi-Verse. They have no "Homeland".


The Half-Phoenix does not practice religion, although it does acknowledge that God(s) exist.


The Half-Phoenix haven't developed their own type of language; however, they easily learn other languages.


Depends on the Other Half of there race.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • + 4 in Dexterity, + 4 in Wisdom
  • Other Race-Phoenix(Fire/Ice Elemental)
  • Other races's size
  • Half-Phoenix base land speed is 35 feet (unless other races' land speed is more or less).
  • Unarmed Attacks count as Lethal Damage.
  • Uncanny Dodge(Ex): A Half-Phoenix retains its dexterity bonus to AC even when Flat-Footed, and it cannot be flanked. Even if it fails a Spot Check, it still knows that something is in the area; it merely lacks any details as to its exact location or description.
  • Immolation(Su): When the Half-Phoenix knows death is near, it immolates itself as a free action. This produces an explosion of fire or ice (depending on the sub-type of the Half-Pheonix) in a 20-foot-high, 15-foot-radius spread. Each creature in the are takes D10 Damage per Hit Dice of the Half-Phoenix. Half of this damage is fire or ice (depending on the sub-type); the rest results directly from divine power and is not subject by Protection from the Elements(fire or Ice) or similar magic (Shields Included). This Action However also Damages the Half-Phoenix resulting in the Charred or Frozen Corpse being immediately sent flying out of the Radius of the Explosion leaving the Half-Phoenix on -9 Hit Points. The Half-Phoenix then regenerates 1 Hit Point per Round until full health (It Awakens upon reaching 1 Hit point. (The Half-Phoenix's Charisma also suffers a -10 penalty on all checks for 24 hours as a result of the hideous Burns or Frostbite. However you are Unscathed after this Time).
  • Automatic Languages: Common and other Race's Language.Bonus Languages: Any
  • Favored Class: Other Races Favored Class or Cleric
  • Level Adjustment: 2

Vital Statistics[edit]

See Other Race

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