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Half-Dragon, Variant[edit]

A rare and mysterious "race" empowered by the blood of dragons.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 4'5" - 7'0"
Average Weight: 200 - 400lbs.
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 to any other stat.
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-Light Vision
Languages: Common, Draconic
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate
Elemental Resistance: Just as dragons are resistant to their own element, so are you. You gain Resist 5 to the same type as your draconic half's natural resistance (Fire for Red/Gold etc). This increases to 10 at Paragon Tier, and 15 at Epic Tier.
Draconic Resilience: Dragons are known to be heavily resistant to status effects. The blood flowing through your body empowers you to some degree in the same way. You gain a +1 racial bonus to saving throws against slowed, stunned, and dazed effects.
Dragon Wings: Your blood has transformed the body of your other half, granting you the power of flight. You gain a Fly Speed equal to your speed, but can only fly for 5 rounds at a time, after which you are unable to fly for 3 rounds. At Paragon Tier, you gain the ability to Hover, and can now fly for 10 rounds, after which you must rest for 3 rounds. At Epic Tier, you gain an Overland Flight Speed of 12, and your Fly Speed increases to your Speed +2. In addition, your flight is now limitless, and does not require rest.
Other Half Heritage: While you've come from the mating of a dragon and another race, you do not simply draw your power from your draconic side. Pick one other race to serve as your other half, and pick one of their traits as your own. Alternatively, you may select two of that race's starting traits as your own by sacrificing one of either Dragon Wings, Elemental Resistance, Draconic Resilience, or Dragon Breath.
Dragon Breath: You can use Dragon Breath as an encounter power. At Paragon Tier, this power becomes a Recharge 6. At Epic Tier, this power becomes a Recharge 5 and 6. In addition, you gain a +2 to accuracy with this power at Heroic Tier, +4 at Paragon Tier, and +6 at Epic Tier.

Dragon Breath Half-Dragon Racial Power
You breathe deep, pulling power from the element at your core, and unleash a mighty burst of energy to strike your foes.
Encounter Star.gif (Your Chosen Element)
Standard Action Close Blast 3
Target: All creature in area.
Attack: Strength +2/+4/+6 Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d6 + Strength modifier damage.
Increase to 2d6 + Strength modifier damage at 11th level, and 3d6 + Strength modifier damage at 21st level.
Special: When you create your character, choose your character's draconic heritage to determine what type of damage you deal with this attack.

Red/Gold/Brass: Fire
Blue/Iron/Bronze: Lightning
Green/Mercury: Poison
Black/Copper/Orium/Gray: Acid
White/Silver/Cobalt: Cold
Brown: Fire (Sand)
Steel: Force
Purple: Psychic

Born from the coupling of a mortal race and a mighty dragon, half-dragons face various types of societal concerns throughout their lives. As varied as the mortal race they may be spawned from, half-dragons can fit into virtually any setting. Due to their powerful nature, they are not often accepted easily. At the very least, they are approached with caution or respect, if they are not outright hunted or outcast due to the stigma they carry by being the spawn of dragons.

Play a half-dragon if you...

  • Want to have a dragon's strength in body and ability
  • Desire to be anything from a social outcast, to a renowned noble
  • Wish to be a member of a race that favors virtually any strength-based class

Physical Qualities[edit]

Half-dragons are characterized by a variety of physical features that vary dramatically depending on just how tied to their draconic nature you wish your character to be. Universal features seen on all half-dragons in varying amounts and levels are scales, horns, and even fangs. Others may be oddly tinted eyes, hair and skin, claws, wings, and, of course, temperament. Generally speaking, one can assume a heavily combat-oriented half-dragon may be more suited for the job with rending claws on their hands or feet. A more magically inclined half-dragon might use spells to hide their true identity behind a veil of arcane rituals.

Playing a Half-Dragon[edit]

When deciding to play a half-dragon from a role-playing standpoint, do not forget that you are half dragon, and half of another race. Consider how the general personalities of those two races interact with one another. Dragons, in general, are quite full of themselves. While some are less arrogant than others, as well as more naturally inclined towards good or evil, it is a good bet that, at the very least, your character knows that they are different from everyone else, be it that believe themselves stronger, or that they believe themselves to be heavily burdened. Your draconic heritage may show up as a lack of emotional control, or it may enhance another aspect of your personality. Perhaps your character is eternally patient, overly analytical, quick to go from irritation to full-blown rage, unnaturally greedy with treasure, or simply an enhanced version of your non-draconic race as far as personality. Don't be afraid to choose any alignment for your character, as not ALL Metallic Dragons are goodly, just as not ALL Chromatic Dragons are evil. As your character will also have an enhanced natural lifetime, consider their back story, and perhaps what kinds of future goals they hope to attain during their life. While this goes for virtually any character, it is more important for a half-dragon.

Half-Dragon Characteristics: Aloof, Ambitious, Competitive, Inquisitive, Materialistic, Ravenous, Solitary

Male Names: Same as base race

Female Names: Same as base race

Half-Dragon Adventurers[edit]

Three Sample Half-Dragon adventurers are described below:

Ashe is a Half-Red Dragon Fighter with a human father. Strangely enough, Ashe has never met her mother, a red dragon with the nickname of "Ashbringer." She's never met her father either, for that matter, the man having given the young one to an orphanage rather than claim the draconic spawn as his daughter. Left to fend for herself for many years, Ashe has a great distrust of other mortal races. While she is genuinely good at heart, she has been outcast and labeled as a sort of freak by some, and feared or even hunted by others. She's never known much in the way of company, and has no real desire to make friends, as she's never been accepted by anyone for who and what she is. She fights for herself, and for whatever goal she determines needs to be met. She does well fighting as a mercenary, often hiding herself under a large cloak. When not fighting for money, she hunts for food and lives alone. In combat, she fights viciously, attacking her targets with all the ferocity of a dragon scorned, trying to prove her ability to fight and survive despite her troublesome past.

Alexander Bartholomew Skorpus is a Half-Bronze Dragon Sorcerer with an elf mother. Alexander was born into high standing, being the son of a wealthy owner of a shipping and merchant company. His dragon blood caused him to have a natural predisposition towards Sorcery and spell crafting. This natural predisposition was encouraged by his mother, as well as his father, who has remained with his mother in a polymorphed human state for his own reasons. As expected, Alexander is extremely aristocratic, and quite intelligent with a mind for business. His ability to cast spells is quite impressive. He inherited more abilities from his mother's side, and thus, does not have the draconic ability to fly. He makes up for this with sheer power on the battlefield. Outside of combat, Alexander wishes to travel the world, growing stronger, and increasing his abilities. His dream is to sail all the oceans of the world to visit every major port to sate his curiosity, as well as push his own business deals for future profits. His parents could not be more proud.

Lord Nadarr Torinn is a Half-Silver Dragon Paladin with a Dragonborn father. Nadarr worships all there is of Bahamut, and seeks to bring any and all those who cause evil and suffering to justice. Even some of his own sect call him an extremist with the might of his devotion. Laws do not matter in Nadarr's quest to rid the world of darkness, and he challenges it on every front. It has lead to his nickname of "The Platinum Storm." Wielding the might of his draconic heritage's Dragon Breath, and his dragonborn heritage's Dragonfear in combat causes him to be a mighty force on the field of battle indeed, and with the unfurling of his draconic wings, even flying foes can not run from the wrath of The Platinum Storm for long. Nadarr, unfortunately, is rather dull as far as personality quirks. His duty is all he knows or thinks about. The strength of his devotion has made him a semi-outcast even among his paladin brethren, and it has not made him many friends. Even this great champion of justice and righteousness finds it hard to find his place among the mortal world. However, he finds strength and solace in his faith, seeing his loneliness and inner strife as one more challenge sent forth from Bahamut to test his loyal servant.

Racial Options[edit]

Feats and Tier-Based Abilities:

As a half-dragon, you gain the ability to qualify for any Racial Feats, Paragon Paths, or Epic Destinies corresponding to your other half, as well as the options below.

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