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Haft Fighter[edit]

The Haft Fighter focuses on delivering a chain of several attacks, mostly from pole arms. What they can't do with their weapons, they can with their body.

Making a Haft Fighter[edit]

While noticeably weaker than the Fighter, this class can deliver several strikes, and evade. It also has a wider ranger of skills.

Abilities: Dexterity is probably the number one most important stat for a Haft Fighter, as it helps with evasion. Strength is also very important for damage, Constitution for health, and Intelligence for skills.

Races: Out of all classes, elves are the most likely to pick up this class, but humans and half-elves have been known to pick it up as well. Dwarves and half-orcs very rarely take this class.

Alignment: Any

Starting Gold: 1d4x10 (20 gp)

Starting Age: Moderate

Table: The Haft Fighter

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Flurry of Blows Unarmed Damage AC Bonus Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +1 +2 +2 +0 -1/-1 1d4 +1 Unarmed Strike, Flurry of Blows
2nd +2 +3 +3 +0 +0/+0 1d4 +1 Evasion, Stunning Fist
3rd +3 +3 +3 +1 +1/+1 1d4 +1 Vault, Dodge
4th +4 +4 +4 +1 +2/+2 1d6 +1 Two-Weapon Fighting, Uncanny Dodge
5th +5 +4 +4 +1 +4/+4 1d6 +2 Fast Movement, Extra Stunning
6th +6/1 +5 +5 +2 +5/+5/+0 1d6 +2 Flying Kick
7th +7/+2 +5 +5 +2 +6/+6/+1 1d6 +2 Haft Strike
8th +8/+3 +6 +6 +2 +7/+7/+2 1d8 +2 Improved Uncanny Dodge
9th +9/+4 +6 +6 +3 +9/+9/+4 1d8 +2 Improved Evasion
10th +10/+5 +7 +7 +3 +10/+10/+5 1d8 +3 Deflect Arrows
11th +11/+6/+1 +7 +7 +3 +11/+11/+11/+6/+1 1d8 +3 Rapid Stunning
12th +12/+7/+2 +8 +8 +4 +12/+12/+12/+7/+2 1d10 +3
13th +13/+8/+3 +8 +8 +4 +13/+13/+13/+8/+3 1d10 +3 Sidestep
14th +14/+9/+4 +9 +9 +4 +14/+14/+14/+9/+4 1d10 +3 Roundabout Kick
15th +15/+10/+5 +9 +9 +5 +15/+15/+15/+10/+5 1d10 +4 Nimble Deflections
16th +16/+11/+6/+1 +10 +10 +5 +16/+16/+16/+11/+6/+1 1d12 +4
17th +17/+12/+7/+2 +10 +10 +5 +17/+17/+17/+12/+7/+2 1d12 +4
18th +18/+13/+8/+3 +11 +11 +6 +18/+18/+18/+13/+8/+3 1d12 +4 Spring Attack
19th +19/+14/+9/+4 +11 +11 +6 +19/+19/+19/+14/+9/+4 1d12 +4
20th +20/+15/+10/+5 +12 +12 +6 +20/+20/+20/+15/+10/+5 2d6 +5 Sickening Strike

Class Skills 4+ Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)

Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Escape Artist (Dex), Heal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str) Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Use Rope (Dex)

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Haft Fighter.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Haft Fighter is proficient with all Simple Weapons and Polearms, and with Light Armor.

AC Bonus: When unarmored and unencumbered, the Haft Fighter adds her Wisdom bonus (if any) to her AC. In addition, a Haft Fighter gains a +1 bonus to AC at 1th level. This bonus increases by 1 for every five Haft Fighter levels thereafter (+2 at 5th, +3 at 10th, +4 at 15th, and +5 at 20th level). These bonuses to AC apply even against touch attacks or when the Haft Fighter is flat-footed. She loses these bonuses when she is immobilized or helpless, when she wears any armor, when she carries a shield, or when she carries a medium or heavy load.

Unarmed Strike: At 1st level, a Haft Fighter gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. A Haft Fighter’s attacks may be with either fist interchangeably or even from elbows, knees, and feet. This means that a Haft Fighter may even make unarmed strikes with her hands full. There is no such thing as an off-hand attack for a Haft Fighter striking unarmed. A Haft Fighter may thus apply her full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all her unarmed strikes.

Usually a Haft Fighter’s unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but she can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on her attack roll. She has the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling.

A Haft Fighter’s unarmed strike is treated both as a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.

Flurry of Blows: When unarmored, a Haft Fighter may strike with a Flurry of Blows at the expense of accuracy. When doing so, she may make one extra attack in a round at her highest Base Attack bonus, but this attack takes a –2 penalty, as does each other attack made that round. The resulting modified base attack bonuses are shown in the Flurry of Blows Attack Bonus column on Table: Haft Fighter. This penalty applies for 1 round, so it also affects attacks of opportunity the Haft Fighter might make before her next action. When a Haft Fighter reaches 5th level, the penalty lessens to –1, and at 9th level it disappears. A Haft must use a full attack action to strike with a Flurry of Blows.

When using Flurry of Blows, a Haft Fighter may attack only with unarmed strikes or with certain weapons (quarterstaff and polearms capable of slashing damage). She may attack with unarmed strikes and these weapons interchangeably as desired. When using weapons as part of a flurry of blows, a Haft Fighter applies her Strength bonus (not Str bonus × 1-1/2 or ×1/2) to her damage rolls for all successful attacks, whether she wields a weapon in one or both hands. The Haft Fighter can’t use any weapon other than a quarterstaff or polearm as part of a Flurry of Blows. In the case of the quarterstaff, each end counts as a separate weapon for the purpose of using the flurry of blows ability. In the case of other polearms, the haft of the weapon can be used as well. This attack does damage as a club and does not count as an improvised weapon. Even though the quarterstaff and polearms require two hands to use, a Haft Fighter may still intersperse unarmed strikes with their strikes, assuming that she has enough attacks in her flurry of blows routine to do so.

When a Haft reaches 11th level, her Flurry of Blows ability improves. In addition to the standard single extra attack she gets from Flurry of Blows, she gets a second extra attack at her full base attack bonus.

Evasion: At 2nd level or higher, if a Haft Fighter makes a successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, she instead takes no damage. Evasion can be used only if a Haft Fighter is wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless Haft Fighter does not gain the benefit of Evasion.

Stunning Fist: At 2nd level, the Haft Fighter gains Stunning Fist at 2nd level. A Haft Fighter who selects this feat may attempt a stunning attack a number of times per day equal to her Haft Fighter level, plus one more time per day for every four levels she has in classes other than Haft Fighter. A Haft Fighter may also use her polearm for a stunning fist attack.

Vault: At 3rd level, a Haft Fighter can use her polearm to boost her jumping ability. While wielding a polearm during a Total Defense Action, you gain the following:

  a) the DC for a Long Jump is decreased by 5; and
  b) the DC for a High Jump is equal to 3x the distance to be cleared (instead of 4x).

Dodge: Starting at 3rd level, during a Haft Fighter's action, she can designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks from that opponent. A Haft Fighter can select a new opponent on any action.

A condition that makes a Haft Fighter lose her Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes her lose dodge bonuses. Also, dodge bonuses stack with each other, unlike most other types of bonuses.

Two Weapon Fighting: At 4th level, the Haft Fighter's penalties on attack rolls for fighting with two weapons are reduced. The penalty for her primary hand lessens by 2 and the one for her off hand lessens by 6.

Uncanny Dodge: At 4th level, a Haft Fighter retains her Dexterity bonus to AC (if any) even if she is caught flat-footed or struck by an invisible attacker. However, she still loses his Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. If a Haft Fighter already has uncanny dodge from a different class, she automatically gains improved uncanny dodge (see below) instead.

Fast Movement: At 5th level, a Haft Fighter’s land speed is faster than the norm for her race by +10 feet. This benefit applies only when she is wearing no armor, and not carrying a medium or heavy load. Apply this bonus before modifying the Haft Fighter’s speed because of any load carried or armor worn.

Extra Stunning: At 5th level, a Haft Fighter can use Stunning Fist +3 times a day.

Flying Kick: At 6th level, a Haft Fighter does +1d12 when she charges an ends with an unarmed strike.

Haft Strike: At 7th level, when making a Full Attack Action with a polearm that is NOT a double weapon, a Haft Fighter may make an off-hand attack with the haft of the polearm that does damage as if it were a club. All normal Two-Weapon Fighting rules apply.

If the polearm is magical, its haft counts as magic for purposes of overcoming damage reduction.

Normally, the haft of a-non double weapon counts as an Improvised Weapon and cannot be used as part of a Full Attack Action.

Improved Uncanny Dodge: At 8th level and higher, a haft Fighter can no longer be flanked. This defense denies a rogue the ability to sneak attack the Haft Figher by flanking her, unless the attacker has at least four more rogue levels than the target has Haft Fighter levels. If a character already has Uncanny Dodge from a second class, the character automatically gains Improved Uncanny Dodge instead, and the levels from the classes that grant Uncanny Dodge stack to determine the minimum level a rogue must be to flank the character.

Improved Evasion: At 9th level, a Haft Fighter’s Evasion ability improves. She still takes no damage on a successful Reflex saving throw against attacks, but henceforth she takes only half damage on a failed save. A helpless Haft Fighter does not gain the benefit of Improved Evasion.

Deflect Arrows: At 10th level, a Haft Fighter can deflect incoming arrows. She must have at least one hand free (holding nothing) to use Deflect Arrows. Once per round, when she would normally be hit with a ranged weapon, she may deflect it so that she takes no damage from it. The Haft Fighter must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.

Attempting to deflect a ranged weapon doesn’t count as an action. Unusually massive ranged weapons and ranged attacks generated by spell effects can’t be deflected.

Rapid Stunning: Starting at 11th level, a Haft Fighter may make one extra Stunning Fight based attack in a round (normally you can only use one such attack each round). Rapid Stunning does not grant extra uses overall, just the ability to try more than once in a single round.

Sidestep: Starting at 13th level, after making an Attack of Opportunity, a Haft Fighter may take a bonus 5' step.

Roundabout Kick: At 14th level, if a Haft Fighter confirms a critical hit with an unarmed strike, a Haft Fighter can immediately make another unarmed strike at the same bonus on the opponent that recieved the critical hit.

Nimble Deflections: At 15th level, when wielding a two handed weapon, a Haft Fighter receives a +2 shield bonus to AC against her Dodge opponent.

Sprint Strike: At 18th level, when using the attack action with a melee weapon or unarmed strike, a Haft Fighter can move both before and after the attack, provided that the total distance moved is not greater than her speed. Moving in this way does not provoke an attack of opportunity from the defender she attacks, though it might provoke attacks of opportunity from other creatures, if appropriate. A Haft Fighter can’t use Spring Attack if she is wearing medium or heavy armor, using a shield, or is carrying a medium or heavy load.

A Haft Fighter must move at least 5 feet both before and after she makes her attack in order to utilize the benefits of Sprint Strike.

Sickening Strike: At 20th level, a Haft Fighter can make a solid, devastating blow. On a successful Sickening Strike, the target is Stunned for one round, Nauseated for 1d4 rounds, and Sickened for 1d6 rounds. The target also receives 1d4 temporary Constitution damage. This attack does damage as an unarmed strike. Fortitude Save negates the effects of Stunned, Nauseated, and Sickened, but the Constitution damage cannot be negated (Fortitude saves is equal to 10+ Wisdom modifier + Haft Fighter level). Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits cannot be affected by Sickening Strike. The Haft Fighter must designate that she is using this attack before she uses it. A Haft Fighter can use Sickening Strike once per encounter, and a number of times a day once for every four levels of Haft Fighter she has.

Ex-Haft Fighter[edit]

As this is a combat style, there is no way to become an ex-haft fighter.

Epic Haft Fighter[edit]

Table: The Epic <-class name->

Hit Die: d8

Level Special
22nd Bonus Feat
24th Bonus Feat
26th Bonus Feat
28th Bonus Feat
30th Bonus Feat

4 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Bonus Feats: The epic Haft Fighter gains a bonus feat (selected from the list of epic Haft bonus feats) every 2 levels after 20th.

Epic Haft Fighter Bonus Feat List: <-list of bonus epic feats->.

Halfling Haft Fighter Starting Package[edit]

Weapons: Quarterstaff

Skill Selection: Pick a number of skills equal to 4 + Int modifier.

Skill Ranks Ability Armor
<-Skill name-> <-4 for class skills and 2 for cross-class skills-> <-Abbrieviated key ability-> <-armor check penalty based on starting armor. If innapplicable put "—"->
<-Skill name-> <-4 for class skills and 2 for cross-class skills-> <-Abbrieviated key ability-> <-armor check penalty based on starting armor. If innapplicable put "—"->

<-copy and paste the rows as necessary.->

Feat: <-1st-level feat selection->.

Bonus Feats: <-1st-level feat bonus feats due to class or sample race. remove this section if this sample doesn't get any bonus feats at 1st level. ->.

Gear: <-Starting armor and other equipment outside of weapons.->.

Gold: <-Starting gold using this package.->.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a <-class name->[edit]

Religion: <-description of how this class typically (but no exclusively) approaches religion including likely portfolios it would worship->.

Other Classes: <-How this class typically interacts with other classes and how characters of this class interact with characters of other classes->.

Combat: <-Typical role in combat->.

Advancement: <-Typical advancement options for characters with this class. Include desirable multiclass options->.

<-pluralized class name-> in the World[edit]

<-Some quote from a character of this class->
—<-NPC name->, <-race-> <-class->

<-Where characters of this class fit in a d20 world.->

Daily Life: <-day in the life of a character of this class->.

Notables: <-notable NPCs of this class->.

Organizations: <-info on what, where, when, and how characters of this class congregate and assemble->.

NPC Reactions: <-How NPCs react to PCs of this class->.

<-class name-> Lore[edit]

Characters with ranks in <-the appropriate skills-> can research <-pluralized class name-> to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

<-the appropriate skills->
DC Result
5 <-common knowledge->.
10 <-not so common knowledge->.
15 <-rare information->.
20 <-very rare information->.

<-pluralized class name-> in the Game[edit]

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Adaptation: <-Possible variant conceptions of this class.->.

Sample Encounter: <-DM placement for NPCs of this class.->.

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