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HEV Suit Mk V[edit]

Hazardous Environment Suit Mark V

Type Radiation Suit
Equipment Bonus +7
Nonprof. Bonus +7
Max Dex Bonus +6
Armor Penalty -9
Speed (50ft) 40
Weight 75lbs
Purchase DC 80
Restriction Mil (+3)

HEV Suit Mk V[edit]

250px-HEV suit AYool.jpg

The HEV Mark V suit has many new features separating it from the mark IV. Among the old features is a built-in flashlight that illuminates a 30ft cone directly in front of the user and can operate for 10 rounds before dying and needing to recharge, which takes 2 rounds. The suit also includes a Geiger counter, giving the user a +10 on Search or Spot checks used to find radiated material, a morphine administrator, which allows the user to continue normally even after they are at 0 health (otherwise they take a -1 to all rolls), an anti-toxin delivery system which gives the user a +5 to fortitude saves against poison, an optional long-jumping module which gives the user a +4 on horizontal jump checks (though this is the same jumping module used with the Mk IV, it has some problems when used with the newer Mk V including a 5% chance of failure), a radio which has a range of 10 miles, and a heads-up display (HUD) which gives the user an extra round to think out what to do after they are knocked out and allows them to switch weapons as a move action, just like the older Mark IV suit. The new features are visual zooming capability which allows the user to double their maximum sight range with a concentration check DC 12, a limited enhanced running (sprint) capability that allows the user to increase his speed by 10ft for 1 round per Aux power point left in the suit, an injector to administer antidote for neurotoxins which heals a neurotoxin after it is injected in 4 rounds, optional ammo and health counter on the crosshair on the HUD, and the capability to use Combine power nodes to charge the suit as a Black Mesa HEV Suit Charger. The suit contains an on-board computer system that constantly monitors the user's health and vital signs, and reacts to any changes in the user's condition and stabilizing a dying user. The suit has an adapter that allows the user to gain power from Combine Chargers. When the suit appears to be infused with "Dark Energy" from a Combine weapon confiscation field, allowing the suit to store twice as much energy as normal and, with full power (200 energy), will heal the user's health back to maximum. The suit also charges much faster, capable of going from 0 to 200 energy without even depleting a single charger by half (normally, a charger can only give the suit 75 energy).

Shield System: This system provides additional protection over the nominal armor and hit points increase that wearing the HEV Suit warrants. Using Combine rechargers and portable shield batteries, the HEV Suit is able of erecting a protective shield around the wearer's body that nullifies light weapons fire and soaks the brunt of damage taken. The shield system can contain up to 100 shield points, which represent the number of hit points that the shield possesses. The shield bestows upon its wearer damage reduction 10/- for as long as the shield holds. The damage deducted like this from every attack is dealt to the shield. When the shield is completely siphoned, the damage reduction disappears, until it is recharged.

See here for background information.

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