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HEV Suit Mk IV[edit]

Hazardous Environment Suit Mark IV

Type Tactical
Equipment Bonus +6
Nonprof. Bonus +6
Max Dex Bonus +5
Armor Penalty -8
Speed (50ft) 35
Weight 70lbs
Purchase DC 80
Restriction Mil (+3)

HEV Suit Mk IV[edit]

The HEV Mark IV suit has a built-in flashlight, Geiger counter, morphine administrator (which allows one to function normally even after serious injury), anti-toxin delivery system, an optional long-jumping module which allows jumps over large distances, a radio, and a heads-up display (HUD) which tracks health status and weapon ammunition usage, as well as including a weapons management system. The suit contains an on-board computer system that constantly monitors the user's health and vital signs, and reacts to any changes in the user's condition. Additionally, the suit has an electrically hardened armor system that can be charged by power modules, such as those found in Black Mesa, or at an outlet with a special adapter. While charged, the suit provides greater protection from injury as the charge absorbs more than two-thirds of any damage or trauma experienced by the wearer. With a fully charged suit, one can survive several dozen bullets of small arms fire or even a direct hit from a rocket propelled grenade (but suffering about sixty percent damage) The suit also features an optional helmet, as seen on various HEV-enclosed corpses dotted around Xen, mainly at the ruined research camp seen in Blue Shift.

Batteries capable of powering the HEV Suit such as the one shown here may occasionally be found. The HEV suit is not exclusive to the user. Many can be seen worn by slain Black Mesa research members on Xen. The suits also evidently come in different colors. Although many, including Gordon's and ones belonging to the corpses seen on Xen, are orange, there is also tan suits, and there are maroon suits.

See here for background information.

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