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Life and Society:[edit]






Major Geographic Features:[edit]

Important Sites:[edit]


Population: 4,968 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 744,000 Mixed; Humans: 3,924; Dwarves: 447; Elves: 248; Halflings: 149; Gnomes: 99; Half-Elves: 49; Half-Orcs: 49; Others: 3


Population: 2,187 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: True Neutral Gold Piece Limit: 3,000; Ready Cash: 327,000 Isolated; Humans: 2,099; Dwarves: 43; Elves: 21; Others: 24


Population: 1,865 Power Center: Conventional Alignment: Lawful Evil Gold Piece Limit: 800; Ready Cash: 74,400 Isolated; Humans: 1,790; Dwarves: 37; Elves: 18; Others: 20

Diplomatic Relations:[edit]

Current Events:[edit]

Gyurka is one of the two border nations in the Sclavini region. Lately, there have been rumblings of turmoil. After the fiasco that was the Amareth invasion of Marjeta, the High King of Amareth choose a different tack to gain a foothold in Gyurka. Knowing that Tsar Borislav is a devoted follower of the White God Belobog, the High King sent an advisor to start convincing Tsar Borislav that the Belobog is another form of the god Samad, and that Borislav should encourage his people towards abandoning the other gods, the ‘false’ gods. Though the nobility is leaning towards this belief, the peasants are not happy with this turn of events and there are rumors of rebellion. The fear is though, that Amareth will send its soldiers to ‘aid’ in putting down the rebellion, and thus gain a hold on Sclavini lands.

Character Creation Info:[edit]


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