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Guardian's Shield[edit]

Guardian's Shields are a type of large, heavy, exotic shield; not as large as a tower shield, and still just a hair smaller than a wall shield a guardian's shield is built to be actively used in defense. It is too unwieldy to be used for shield bashing, but can be waved about in the fashion that one might wave about a heavy wooden shield. Guardian's shields are most commonly crafted in into elliptical, heart-shaped, or traditional crest shaped. One would rarely if ever see one made in the form of a rectangle (like a tower shield), as this form would be too hard to swing into position. Donning a guardian's shield requires two full rounds, and it cannot easily be removed or dropped in battle (as your arm are actually strapped at three places to the rear side of the shield; it requires a full-round action to release the straps and let go of the bar holding the shield in place, and while wearing the shield you cannot use the hand it is mounted to for anything else), but it is a beloved asset among those whose lives depend on the ability to defend themselves!

Wicker guardian's shields are made from a steel outer ring, wrapped in thin leather lashing, which is methodically interwoven through 10 to 12 layers of ultra thick, but tightly woven, wicker plates which give the shield a decent heft and a thickness. Among the rich, they are often covered in a solid cementitious material or plaster (this doubles the shields cost, adds 8 lbs to its weight, and does nothing else to the shield's properties).

Wooden guardian's shields are made from a metal outer ring (brass, iron, or steel)and are seated with a few layers of hardwood slats, usually three, with the slats front and back running parallel to each other, while the middle course runs perpendicular to these two courses. Each of these hardwood courses is only just shy of the thickness of a normal wooden shield, and sometimes up to five layers are used, fully glued, nailed, and clamped to make this one guardian's shield.

Steel guardian's shields are composed of layers of mid-width spring steel strips woven very tightly, in at least four layers, into a nearly solid mass, within an outer steel ring. Incredibly strong, and yes rather heavy, they are still very versatile.

Table: Guardian's Shield
Variant Cost Shield Bonus Maximum Dexterity
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Wicker Guardian's Shield 24 GP +4 -- -4 20% 20 lbs.
Wooden Guardian's Shield 26 GP +4 -- -6 25% 32 lbs.
Steel Guardian's Shield 28 GP +4 -- -8 35% 38 lbs.

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