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Greater Deity
Symbol: The cross
Home Plane: Torquo Dolentissime
Alignment: Neutral Evil at its worst
Portfolio: Atrocity, Torment, Vileness, Sadism
Clergy Alignments: virtually always evil
Domains: Evil, Torture*, Destruction, Pain (BoVD), Harming*
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain (or Warwhip*)
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More information...

Grkafsldewa, Cruelty Unlimited, is considered one of the worst gods in existence: It embodies not just evil, not just cruelty, no, nothing less then most depraved atrocity. Both the worst ways to die and conditions that make one wonder if these death would be preferable, are its area of power, as symbolised by the cross as one of the most, well, excruciating non-magical ways of killing (through of course, both Grkafsldewa and its followers always try to find new atrocities). There is no typical despiction of Grkafsldewa, actually it is debated even under some of the most knowledgable Loremasters whether it actually has a physical body.


Grkafsldewa wants nothing more then infinite suffering. Inflict as much torment as possible.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The worshippers of Cruelty Unlimited are the worst sadists imaginable (besides the diety itself), and everywhere to find where torment is considered acceptable- they live at their highest in places effectively without law, commiting their atrocities relatively or even indeed openly, but also in the most restrictive tyrannies, as the cruel prison guards and torturers. Of course, under normal circumstances, they are generally despised... if they are known. But, well, there are some areas where many do not care about... They favor spells like Eternity of Torture, Necrotic Cyst, and of course the classical Sy<mbol of Pain.

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