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<onlyinclude><span style="display:none">[[3e Summary:: <!-- Write a short description of what the Alteration does, here. This goes to the Grim Alterations Table. -->]]</span> ====<!-- Alteration Name -->==== ''<!-- Descriptive text for flavor. Describe how it works, looks in action or some descriptive quote. -->'' '''Prerequisite:''' <!-- [[3e Prerequisite::None or Any prerequisites that the Alteration has]] --><br/> '''Description:''' <!-- Full description of Alteration. --><br/> '''Special:''' <!-- Add any special information here. --> ---- {{3.5e Grim Alterations Breadcrumb}} [[Category:DnD]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Grim Alteration]]</onlyinclude>

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